Uniform, clear and flawless skin is what everyone wants.

Unfortunately, pigment spots can appear on the face, even if you take great care of them on a daily basis. Dark beige or brown in colour, varying in intensity and diameter, they can be found in the areas most exposed to UV rays, such as the forehead, nose, cheekbones and shoulders. Brown spots should not be confused with ephelides, freckles, which are genetic and which no product can fade.

Because far from being a fatality, pigmented spots can be erased and even eliminated with specific care. PATYKA's advanced research has developed targeted formulas to treat these complexion irregularities and reduce them in a lasting way, without necessarily having to resort to make-up.

Hyperpigmentation: where do brown spots come from?
Understanding the process by which they appear is essential to reducing them.

The body naturally produces melanin, the substance responsible for skin pigmentation. It is this natural pigment that darkens under the action of the sun and gives a tanned skin. Melanocytes, the pigment cells located in the deepest part of the epidermis, can, at certain times of life, overproduce melanin, with the result that dark brown spots appear. Various factors can lead to a disturbance in melanin production.

A hormonal change or imbalance, for example when changing contraception or becoming pregnant. An overproduction of hormones will stimulate melanogenesis. This increase in melanin production will result in the appearance of pigmented spots. In pregnant women, these are known as melasma, or pregnancy mask.

Hyperpigmentation : d’où viennent les taches brunes

Hyperpigmentation: how to treat brown spots?

Protecting yourself from the sun is essential to keep brown spots at bay. A wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and maximum sun protection (SPF50+) are all tried and tested beauty reflexes that are easy to adopt to avoid pigmented spots.

Apply your sun cream first thing in the morning, after your day cream, and put it in your handbag to reapply if necessary during the day. And this is true regardless of the season or where you live: walking around town in the middle of winter does not make you any less sensitive to UV rays.

If your efforts to protect yourself from the sun have not been sufficient to avoid hyperpigmentation, you should know that there are solutions to fade brown spots at home, without necessarily going through a heavy, expensive and restrictive dermatological treatment such as laser or peeling.

PATYKA Advanced Research has developed two complementary products that address pigmented spots on the face and neckline: the Double Action Smoothing Scrub and the Anti-Spot Correcting Serum, which work together to reduce uneven skin tone.

PATYKA Double Action Smoothing Scrub, to be used once or twice a week, will help renew cells. Its gentle, organic and 100% natural exfoliating ingredients regenerate skin cells for a more even and healthy-looking skin. It contains in particular :

- Jojoba wax microspheres, which eliminate dead skin.

- A Natural Complex with 5 Fruit Acids (AHA) that acts as a gentle peel to refine skin texture and stimulate skin renewal.

- Bamboo Stalk Powder for smooth, blemish-free skin

- Jojoba Oil, which protects, regenerates and revitalizes.

Gommage Lissant Double Action

One treatment, two uses: this multi-functional exfoliant can be used in two ways. Either as an enzymatic mask: applied to a clean face for two minutes, its enzymes rid the skin of impurities and promote cell renewal.

Or as a mechanical scrub on all skin types, even sensitive ones, as it gently exfoliates, without any scouring beads or grains that can attack fragile skin. The ideal is to combine these two methods (mask, then light exfoliation) to perfect the action of this treatment and intensify the results obtained.

Apply a peel with a multi-level action

At night, the skin reaches its peak of cellular regeneration but is also more permeable. This is the ideal time to treat blemishes with ultra-concentrated skin care products to achieve visible results faster.

Inspired by dermatological peels, PATYKA Advanced Research has developed a night care product formulated with 3 powerful AHAs to act at all levels of the skin to reduce pigmentation spots and reveal the skin's radiance.

On the surface:

- Citric Acid 2.5%: exfoliates melanin pigments accumulated on the surface of the epidermis and smoothes/refines the skin texture for an even and luminous complexion;

- Phytic Acid 2%, derived naturally from rice bran, it has lightening and exfoliating properties that allow it to eliminate hyperpigmented cells more quickly.

In-depth :

- Lactic Acid 3.5%, small molecular size, it penetrates the deep layers of the epidermis to target established spots.

The key to fighting spots? Regularity! Apply every night to eliminate spots, even out the complexion and refine the skin texture.

Use a serum with targeted action

The skin, clear and perfectly clean, is then ready to receive a second exceptional treatment: the Anti-Spot Corrector Serum. It acts effectively to prevent the appearance of new spots, but also helps to reduce the intensity and size of existing spots. And this is thanks to four natural active ingredients:

- Sea Fern, a unique marine active ingredient that is very interesting for the complexion, as this algae from the Atlantic coast has lightening properties. It also reduces the number of pigmentation spots already present on the skin.

- Oxyresveratrol, a molecule extracted from the Wild Mulberry tree. It blocks the activity of tyrosinase, a key enzyme in the process of melanogenesis, which can lead to the appearance of spots at the slightest disturbance.

- Goji berries: these small berries are packed with vitamin C, minerals and lipids and are incredible antioxidants. They protect the skin, stimulate the production of collagen, and intensify cell renewal.

- Fruit Acids: a complex of 5 fruit acids (from maple, sugar cane and citrus) regenerate the tissues and bring radiance.

Its exclusive formula regulates the production of melanin to slow down hyperpigmentation, while acting to reduce the spots already present.

The Anti-Spot Corrector Serum is applied morning and evening to cleansed skin. Thanks to its highly concentrated formula, only a few drops are needed for each application. Reinforce its action by applying your usual moisturiser afterwards.

Apply an anti-spot treatment with a sun protection factor

60% of spots are caused by sun exposure. Protecting your skin from UV rays with a high protection product that prevents the appearance of spots and corrects existing ones is the last essential step to get rid of spots!

To help your skin defend itself during the day, choose Anti-Spot Fluid High Protection SPF30, a daily care product that corrects, protects and prevents the appearance of pigmentation spots:

High Correction Anti-Spot: thanks to the action of Sea Fern, a botanical active ingredient capable of reducing the intensity and surface area of pigmentation spots through its powerful melanoreductive action.

High UV & anti-free radical protection: The combination of two natural mineral filters (Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide) and a powerful antioxidant complex (Vitamin E and Pongamia) protects the skin from UVA/UVB rays and free radicals, which are responsible for the appearance of spots.

High Hydration: to guarantee optimal hydration and comfort for the skin, its formula also contains High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, which maintains the skin's water reserves, and organic Aloe Vera.

The first effects will appear a few weeks later: a more even complexion, a more even skin texture, and a healthy glow!
The first effects will appear a few weeks later: an even complexion, even skin texture and a healthy glow will be the result!

 -- Discover PATYKA's targeted treatment to fight against hyperpigmentation: the Micro-Peeling Essence! With its high concentration of Natural Fruit Acids, it doubles the action of the Anti-Spot Corrector Serum.