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Your skin can't stand anything more?

Redness, tightness, feelings of discomfort: your skin is sensitive. It needs a skincare routine highly concentrated in soothing active ingredients to calm and protect it for a long time.

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Skin redness in the face is related to blood vessels and the flow of blood to the face. It is the dilatation of these vessels that gives this red appearance to the skin. Redness is sensitive to the skin and is often temporary, but it can also set in for several weeks if left untreated, especially in people with sensitive skin. If your skin is red, reactive and sensitive, adopt a gentle skincare routine that respects the skin barrier. To strengthen the skin barrier without sensitizing it, it is essential to adopt the beauty gestures essential to have a healthy skin, and reduced redness.

For this, the first step for a beautiful facial skin is an effective cleansing, soothing and respectful of the skin barrier. Then opt for double cleaning. This technique, derived from Japanese beauty rituals, frees the skin from make-up and impurities in two key steps: the make-up remover in the form of oil and the cleanser in the form of foam. The first step is the make-up remover in the form of oil because it is more effective and richer in active ingredients than micellar water or milk. It detoxifies the epidermis while purifying it, without attacking it and it is the only treatment tolerated by all skin types even sensitive skin. Enriched with vegetable oils (Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil), Flash Cleansing Oil is one of PATYKA’s flagship products. It removes make-up perfectly and gently while respecting the skin balance. Adding it to your beauty routine means dissolving your makeup while taking care of your sensitive skin.

The second step is the foam cleanser. Sensitive skin is now also entitled to water cleaning. It corresponds to all types of skin even the most sensitive while bringing better sensations than the gel texture, we feel here a feeling of softness on the face.

Enriched with Moringa Bio with the detoxifying action, and Aloe Vera with the moisturizing and soothing action, Mousse Cleanser Detox frees the skin of impurities while respecting the skin balance thanks to its soap-free formula. The key step, once the skin is truly cleansed, is hydration. Sensitive skin is particularly exposed to certain external factors, such as wind, cold, pollution, sun, air conditioning, etc. All these factors contribute to the insensitive loss of water, which leaves the skin dehydrated and more likely to be reactive and be subject to feelings of discomfort.

Bringing an extra source of hydration to your skin is an essential step in your beauty routine. The first step is the use of a lotion. This removes the calcareous residue from the skin and prepares it for absorption of the following treatments.

Soothing Milky Lotion has a plumping and soothing action thanks to its concentration of Aloe Vera and Organic Mauve. It frees the skin from limestone, the number one enemy of reactive urban skin. The skin immediately regains its comfort and suppleness.

To encapsulate hydration within the epidermis day and night, apply a moisturizing and soothing serum. Hydra-Booster Serum aims to bring and retain water in skin cells. For this, its formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid and tremella, to ensure exceptional hydration throughout the day. Instantly absorbed by the skin, the serum can then be coupled with a moisturizing cream. Opt for a cream that limits insensitive loss of water and will provide an additional source of hydration to your skin.

Hydra-Soothing Milky Cream is perfect for sensitive skin prone to redness because it contains vegetal bisabolol, a soothing active ingredient that repairs fragile skin and is also found at the heart of Hydra-Booster Serum. In addition, its pro-ceramide plant complex restores the skin’s hydrolipidic film to fight against dehydration, which is perfect for normal skin.

The Hydra-Soothing Rich Cream, on the other hand, will suit the driest skin by providing an intense comfort without greasy finish thanks to the Organic Mango butter with nourishing and softening virtues.

It is also important to use weekly intensive action products to address the skin sensitivity problem. Indeed, put to the test, the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis is on the front line to prevent daily aggressions such as cold, pollution, or stress. If this film is altered, the skin no longer maintains its level of hydration and no longer manages to fight these repeated attacks.

In order to respond to the urgency of thirsty skin, we have developed the Intense Moisturizing Mask for the face. Powerful moisturizing and nourishing care, this mask is a real S.O.S care for epidermis in need of nutrition. This product fits all skin types, is perfect for dry skin and also has an anti-ageing action because it helps to firm and regenerate the skin. This moisturizing mask can be used in night care for deep hydration.

Finally, we have also developed a multi-function skincare product: Absolute Oil. This 100% natural serum is a powerful active concentrate of 12 essential and vegetable oils, with regenerating and antioxidant virtues. This product is used as a cure, as a first aid treatment, or every day, on the face, body and hair. It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, and protects fragile and atopic skin. It brings tonicity, radiance and nutrition to the skin and is a perfect nourishing and revitalizing care for the hair.

If your redness persists, do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist who will advise you and recommend the products best suited to your sensitive skin.
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