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Rediscover flawless skin

The ideal routine to say goodbye to imperfections and dilated pores with rebalancing treatments, rich in purifying and matifying active ingredients.

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    Patyka - Purifying Cleansing Gel

    Cleansing and purifying care

    The double-action cleanser for combination to oily skin, designed to gently cleanse and fight against impurities and excess sebum.

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    Purifying Cleansing Gel

    *Cleans  *Unclog pores
      Patyka - Anti-Blemish Toner

      The Anti-Blemish Lotion

      Thanks to Vegetable Salicylic Acid, it purifies the skin, regulates the sebum and blurs the imperfections.

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      Anti-Blemish Toner

      *Purifies  *Balances
        Patyka - Anti-Blemish Serum

        Expert Anti-Blemish Skincare

        This triple-action serum has been designed to fight against blemishes and excess sebum. Antibacterial, sebum-regulating and repairing, it protects combination to oily skin from shine, impurities, pimples, blackheads and dilated pores.

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        Anti-Blemish Serum

        *Repares  *Rebalances
          Patyka - Matte Perfecting Fluid

          The anti-shine and dilated pores solution

          A 360° action thanks to the organic Burdock Root: moisturizing, sebum regulating and purifying.

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          Matte Perfecting Fluid

          *Rebalances  *Matifies
            Patyka - Multi-Protection Radiance Cream - Normal to combination skin

            the anti-pollution shield

            It protects the skin by preventing the absorption of pollution particles, hydrates the skin and gives it all its radiance. Its light texture is suitable for normal to combination skin.

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            Multi-Protection Radiance Cream - Normal to combination skin

            *anti-pollution  *protects
              Patyka - Detox Charcoal Mask

              The Purifying Non-Drying Mask

              Absorbs excess sebum, unclogs pores and reduces skin marks.

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              Detox Charcoal Mask

              *Descales  *Purifies
                Patyka - Double Action Smoothing Scrub

                Exfoliating radiance care

                Three exfoliating active ingredients combined in a single care product that refines skin texture, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles while bringing radiance to the complexion.

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                Double Action Smoothing Scrub

                *Smoothes  *Refines skin texture
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                Oily skin tends to have enlarged pores and produce excess sebum. The sebaceous glands are at the origin of this imbalance, they are too active, stimulated in particular by external aggressions: stress, pollution, lifestyle or hormonal cycle. These external aggressions weaken the skin barrier, affect sebum production and skin pore size.

                Pores are dilated and excess sebum makes the skin of the face shine. The dilated pores of the skin cause the formation of blackheads: by absorption of residues and bacteria, imperfections accumulate, pores clog, and small pimples and blackheads appear.

                This beauty problem is not specific to oily skin, dry skin as well as combination or dehydrated skin (lacking water) may also have dilated pores. Age can also have an impact: the skin loosens and pores are more likely to widen. In general, the pores are located on particular areas of the face: the T-zone (forehead, chin nose) as well as the cheeks.

                To tighten dilated pores and have healthy skin, it is essential to cleanse your skin effectively without attacking it, and to regulate the production of sebum with appropriate and safe care that rebalances the skin of the face in order to preserve its beauty capital.

                La Recherche Avancée PATYKA has developed natural and organic skincare products, suitable for combination to oily skin to take care of your skin and say goodbye to imperfections and dilated pores. Discover our tips for a suitable and effective routine.

                The first beauty step for clean, purified skin is to cleanse the face using the double-cleansing method. Make sure that the skin is free of makeup and impurities that accumulate during the day. It is a two-step cleansing process: first, you remove makeup with an oily make-up remover and then you clean the skin with a cleansing foam. It is the combination of these two treatments that guarantees an effective cleansing of the skin, and prevents the accumulation of impurities at the origin of skin imperfections. Find this cleansing duo among PATYKA’s certified organic skincare products with Flash Cleansing Oil, a product composed of a trio of 100% natural vegetable oils, and Detox Cleansing Foam, a soap-free skincare product enriched with organic detoxifying Moringa.

                After double cleansing, the action to take is to purify the skin thoroughly and to regulate the production of sebum with the help of a targeted care such as a lotion, in order to gradually reduce the imperfections of the face. The Purifying Balancing Lotion, enriched with Prebiotics and Plant Salicylic Acid refines the skin texture and tightens the pores. Its action is based on the effectiveness of its assets. Salicylic Acid acts on skin imperfections by penetrating deep into pores and purifying them, while exfoliating the skin surface to make it smoother. The Floral Water of Organic Mint purifies the skin thanks to its antibacterial action and allows to tighten the pores of the face. Prebiotics promote the growth of microbial flora that protects the skin and rebalances the epidermis.

                Oily skin needs adequate hydration with the application of a targeted face cream. Thanks to the organic seborregulatory and purifying Burdock Root, the rebalancing Prebiotics and its light texture infused in purifying Natural Silica, the Perfector Matte Fluid is a care that moisturizes the skin while providing a matte finish devoid of shine, rebalances the cutaneous flora and tightens the pores.

                Finally, remember to apply a purifying mask once or twice a week to de-clog, tighten and prevent pores from clogging. The Charcoal Detox Mask is a treatment enriched with Green Clay, Prebiotics, Zinc and Charcoal, which absorbs excess sebum and cleanses the skin. Its ultra-comfortable creamy texture does not dry out the skin and preserves the skin barrier. The use of a purifying mask is both a preventive and a curative action: it prevents the appearance of future imperfections while eliminating blackheads and pimples present. Apply the mask on the T-zone, or on the entire face if necessary, leave it for about twenty minutes and then rinse the face with lukewarm water. Its purifying and cleansing active ingredients, such as clay or zinc, give a real burst of radiance to the skin that becomes clearer and brighter.

                It is also advisable to exfoliate once a week, using the Double Action Smoothing Scrub, to stimulate cell renewal and eliminate dead skin, which may clog pores and give rise to pimples.
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