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Dryness & Dehydration Cream and Care

With 70% water, the skin needs moisture to act as a protective barrier. For well-hydrated skin, choose a skincare product that retains water in the cells and provides additional hydration.

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Made up of 70% water, skin can sometimes have a complex relationship with hydration. Every day, nearly 600 ml of water evaporates from the epidermis: we speak of an insensitive loss of water. Faced with this loss, all skin types are concerned.
Find our tips to bring comfort and radiance to the skin by moisturizing it daily with a care that protects the hydrolipidic film, and products that strengthen the protective barrier of the skin.
Dry skin is often confused with dehydrated skin: the former is a chronic condition while the latter may be a transient phase. Dry skin lacks fat, which can be supplied by vegetable oils in particular, while dehydrated skin lacks water.
Dehydrated skin is characterized by the following signs:
- uncomfortable skin, only in certain areas, while the rest of the face may tend to shine.
- skin that is tight, especially after cleansing.
- Cold-sensitive skin that is easily marked and can be rough to the touch.

Dehydrated skin suffers above all from an alteration of its hydrolipidic film, the barrier that protects the skin from external aggressions and needs products that will restore this lost balance.

A good lifestyle is of course the first step towards beautiful skin, but moisturizing it daily with cosmetic products, such as a face cream, is also an indispensable gesture. Among the tips related to daily life, the most important is to moisturize your body, and your skin at the same time, drinking enough water daily. It is this gesture that will allow the epidermis to regain its natural beauty by providing it with an additional source of hydration thanks to moisturizing creams and nourishing oils. This intake will help to compensate for the insensitive loss of water, and avoid skin dehydration.
However, this necessary action is far from sufficient: this is where cosmetic products come into play. It is necessary to adopt an effective moisturizing face care in order to rebalance the water level of the skin and restore its radiance with creams in particular.

In the form of a serum, face creams or a multifunctional oil, PATYKA Advanced Research has developed a range of targeted moisturizing active ingredients to meet the hydration needs of all skin types.
Find supple and plumped skin thanks to certified organic products rich in exceptional moisturizing active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid Pure & Vegetal, the hydrating molecule par excellence, able to retain up to 1000 times its weight in water; Glacier Water from Mont-TremblantWhite with thirst-quenching properties; Nourishing Mango Butter or Organic Detoxifying and Sebaceous Burdock Root, ideal to provide the comfort necessary for combination to oily skins without overloading them.

The first moisturizing step in your beauty routine takes place right after double-cleansing with Soothing Milky Lotion. Its soothing and refreshing active ingredients, such as Aloe vera and organic Mauve, awaken the complexion and plump the skin. This treatment provides a real feeling of comfort during the application.

Afterwards, apply your serum enriched with targeted active ingredients to fight against dehydration, the Hydra-Booster Serum composed of moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidant Tremella fungus and soothing vegetal Bisabolol, perfect for sensitive skin.

The last step in your skincare routine is moisturizer. For dry skin, it is advisable to go for creams with enveloping texture, enriched with nourishing active ingredients. We recommend Hydra-Soothing Rich Cream, specifically formulated for this type of skin. It quenches thirst, nourishes and soothes while bringing intense comfort to the driest skin. The plant ceramides it contains restore and protect the skin’s hydrolipidic film and prevent dehydration. The Eau de Glacier du Mont-Blanc refreshes the skin while the Organic Mango Butter nourishes and softens the skin by restoring its lipid composition.

If you also want to address an anti-aging problem, you can turn to the Youth Remodelant Cream in Rich Texture, enriched with remodelant and nourishing active ingredients.

Finally, among our tips to restore the balance of dry skin and bring it the lipids it lacks, we recommend to complete its beauty routine weekly with a moisturizing mask. PATYKA offers the Intense Hydrating Mask, a powerful source of hydration and nutrition that repairs the skin barrier and restores skin comfort. It can be used as a cure or several times a week in night care.

You can also apply Absolute Oil, a powerful concentrate of nourishing, regenerating and antioxidant vegetable oils that will soothe dry skin and prevent its dehydration thanks to the presence of vegetable Squalane.
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