Choose antioxidant products to slow skin ageing

This is a fact: the Antioxidant assets have made a place for themselves in our cosmetics in recent years, notably to help us to delay the onset of the signs of aging, but also For keep your skin looking good longer.

But what roles do they really play? Which assets should be prioritised and how do they act? Above all, which routine to choose with antioxidant cares concentrates?

Discover all PATYKA's advice to choose the care antioxidant made for you.

What are antioxidants?

They are super active, vitamin C and E in mind, which will provide a targeted action to fight against the manufacture of free radicals. In general, antioxidants reduce inflammation of the cells, thereby limiting spots, smoothing wrinkles and protecting against skin aging.

Antioxidants are natural extracts or synthetic ingredients found in cosmetic products or in a specific diet. Introducing too many free radicals into the body can cause health problems: they cause disorder within our cells, we then speak of oxidative stress, a phenomenon that causes pathologies on our body.

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 Indeed, the oxidation of cells is a natural process and the cells are able to defend themselves thanks to their natural defences, but when the production of free radicals exceeds the defence capacity of your cells, we reach a situation of problematic oxidative stress: it is at this very moment that the skin is attacked.

They are responsible for the appearance of wrinkles, but also Pigmented disorders and the loss of elasticity.

The goal in cosmetics is to combine several antioxidants in ultra-specialized formulas to increase their effectiveness tenfold. Also note: they should be applied all year round to combat skin slackening, loss of density and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They are also excellent to protect the skin daily from pollution and to prevent imperfections. Indeed, a good care antioxidant prevents the oxidation of sebum and minimizes the appearance of skin imperfections.

Which antioxidant actives should you look for in beauty products?

There are a variety of different antioxidant molecules. Most people have heard of vitamin E (or tocopherol) which has restorative properties, vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) and plant flavonoids including the famous resveratrol molecule. Then there are the antioxidant benefits of red berries (blackcurrants, blueberries, cranberries, etc.) and of those famous goji berries as well as of the tannin found in coffee, green tea, chocolate and red wine.

However, much more than mere active ingredients, antioxidants are actually barrier molecules, their role being to stop or minimize oxidation of cells.

For an care antioxidant to be effective, it is best to rely on the combination of several antioxidant actives, and that these actives are chosen for their stability. In fact, an antioxidant composition that is badly dosed or poorly stabilized will most of the time become pro-oxidant, i.e. it will have an inverse action on your skin. Thus, it will instantly accelerate the oxidation process, which is responsible for most of the skin's ageing process.

actifs antioxydants

What causes skin ageing?

Over time, we observe a slowing cell productions, in particular at the level of elastin, collagen and the Hyaluronic acid, which are naturally present in the skin and which maintain the density of the skin, its appearance bounced and especially its firmness.

This genetic phenomenon is accentuated by the External aggression That push the epidermis to make free radicals. In the first place, we find theSolar exposure (To be kept absolutely under control, with moderation and protection all year round), but also the FatigueThe Pollution Of the major cities, the hormonal changes and cigarette. All these harms cause an oxidation of the cells, which are submerged and deteriorated by these famous free radicals.

Why choose organic formulas for your antioxidant cosmetics ?

Unlike cares conventional formulas, organic formulas do not contain mineral oils and are therefore non-occlusive, allowing the skin to oxygenate. They offer the best active ingredients without endocrine disruptors, parabens or silicone. In fact, the natural antioxidant ingredients they contain are more easily assimilated by the skin. They are therefore effective in counter-attacking and neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals.

At Patyka, our active ingredients are either botanical active ingredients discovered throughout the world or biotechnological active ingredients that we have developed and combined in our formulas, certified organic, without ingredients of animal origin, without ingredients grown with pesticides and without additives, perfumes or synthetic dyes.

This means that our formulas contain high concentrations of prized active ingredients which, by virtue of being natural, are easily absorbed by the skin.

The PATYKA anti-ageing beauty routine

The fight against early signs of aging Starts with a adapted routineThis is a combination of the right gestures cares that respond to the needs of the skin to maintain its good working condition and its plump, fresh appearance. Indeed, even if the first signs of aging are often imperceptible at first, it is important to prevent them as soon as possible, in order tooffer your skin optimal protection.

1 - Dark Spot Correcting Serum : for flawless skin and a radiant, even complexion

sérum correcteur anti-taches


Among the visible signs caused by free radicals are the Pigment spots (brown spots in the lead) that are seen in particular after prolonged solar exposure. This 3-in-1 organic serum offers a complete action against stains, it prevents the appearance of future stains, while fading those already existing by reducing their size and fading their intensity.


His secret ? An exclusive anti-stain complex (Oxyresveratrol + fern of the seas) regulator of melanin that regulates skin pigmentation for a lightening effect, associated with fruit acids and Goji berries, two actives that stimulate cell renewal, unify the complexion and bringshine.

- Discover all the the Perfect Anti-Spot Collection, of cares targeted action to regain a unified complexion


2- The Radiance Regenerating Serum : for plumped, radiant skin

This "perfect skin" serum is a powerful ally in the fight against free radicals: the Radiance Regenerating Serum of Patyka contains extracts of Sophora FlowerThe skin has medicinal virtues for skin immunity. A true care detoxifying and protective agent, it blocks free radicals, prevents external aggressions from damaging the epidermis And boosts cell turnover.

His secret? A Marine Bio-Complex that brings essential minerals and amino acids to the skin, improves the quality of the skin's surface, reduces signs of stress (also responsible for oxidation), fatigue and cellular damage from free radicals. Hyaluronic Acid retains water in the cells and leaves the skin intensely hydrated.

3- The Multi Radiance Protection Cream for the dry skins or the normal to combination skin a moisturized and sublimated complexion

Specifically formulated to protect the skin from free radicals, these vitamin-rich multi-protection creams, with a creamy or light texture, moisturize, smooth fine lines and prevent skin aging, all while bringing radiance to your complexion, often tarnished by repeated exposure.

Their secret? The Marine Bio-Complex, a phytoplankton extract that brings minerals and essential amino acids to the skin. It moisturizes and illuminates your epidermis for a global perfecting action. As for Hyaluronic Acid, Pure & Vegetal, it creates an anti-dehydration protective film on the surface of the skin that helps retain water in the cells.

- Adopt our day & night ritual Defense Active A complete range of products cares that provides long-lasting protection against daily aggressions and boosts the skin's radiance.

4- Huile Absolue : For regenerated skin

huile absolue

As its name suggests, it is THE care multifunction par excellence, 100% natural, combining no less than 12 vegetable and essential oils to offer your skin the best of nature in antioxidant, moisturizing and repairing agents.

Its secret? Absolute Oil is suitable for and protects all skin types, including sensitive, atopic and fragile. The rosehip oil it contains is rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6) and retinol (derived from Vitamin A) and fights skin ageing. Its vegetable squalane is a plant lipid extracted from olives which is similar to human sebum and protects skin from dehydration. Finally, its St John's wort oil is famous for its healing and astringent properties which leave your skin fresher and brighter.

A real skin booster, Huile Absolue can be used as a cure, occasionally for care first aid or simply every day to revitalize your skin. If you had to choose only one care in its antioxidant beauty routine, then you will have understood it, it would be Huile Absolue.

Finally, don't neglect effective sun protection, even in the city. Also think about adopting a diet rich in antioxidants thanks to the supply of essential nutrients, especially those found in fruits and vegetables (broccoli for example, or carrots for beta-carotenes), to finish arming the skin against UV rays, pollution and oxidation.

protection solaire efficace

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