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Targeted active ingredients to complete your skincare routine

PATYKA masks and scrubs are the perfect boost to your skin's radiance and vitality. Apply once or twice a week or as a course of treatment depending on your skin's needs.

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Patyka - Radiance Sorbet Scrub

Gourmet Sorbet Scrub

A real "bonne mine" sorbet, it is the first anti-dull skin gesture to reveal the skin's rosy glow and give it back all its luminosity!

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Radiance Sorbet Scrub

*Exfoliate  *Smoothes  *Reveal the brightness
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Patyka - Brightening Renewal Night Peel

The essential Night Care to fight against spots

A daily anti-spot night care inspired by dermatological peelings that accelerates the elimination of established spots, evens out the complexion and boosts the skin's radiance.


Brightening Renewal Night Peel

*Reduces dark spot *Brightness
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Patyka - Brightening Renewal Night Peel Refill

Refill, the more responsible gesture

The refill format of the anti-spot peel inspired by dermatological peels that accelerates the elimination of established spots, evens out the complexion and boosts the skin's radiance.


Brightening Renewal Night Peel Refill

*Refills  *Reduces dark spot  *Brightness
    Patyka - Detox Charcoal Mask

    The Purifying Non-Drying Mask

    Absorbs excess sebum, unclogs pores and reduces skin marks.

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    Detox Charcoal Mask

    *Descales  *Purifies
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    Patyka - Pro-Collagen Lift Mask

    The collagen-boosting night care

    Night care highly concentrated in active plant Retinol-Like and plant Amino Acids, which boosts the natural production of collagen.

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    Pro-Collagen Lift Mask

    *Lifts  * Firms
      Patyka - Intensive Moisturising Mask

      S.O.S. Mask for Dry Skin

      Powerful moisturizing and nourishing care, this mask with a cocooning texture plumps thirsty skin, regenerates and firms. The skin is softened, revitalized and intensely nourished.

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      Intensive Moisturising Mask

      *Moisturizes  *Firms
        Patyka - Double Action Smoothing Scrub

        Exfoliating radiance care

        Three exfoliating active ingredients combined in a single care product that refines skin texture, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles while bringing radiance to the complexion.

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        Double Action Smoothing Scrub

        *Smoothes  *Refines skin texture

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