Why do dark spot appear on the skin ?


Melanin is naturally present in the skin to give it its colour, but it can also be stimulated by various factors.

- Sun exposure: UV rays are major triggers for melanin production; 60% of pigment spots are caused by the sun.

- Hormonal variations: during pregnancy, for example, a mask can form on the face. This is the famous "melasma".

- Age: brown spots are one of the signs of skin ageing. With the years, cell renewal is less efficient and pigmentary defects intensify.

- Phototoxic substances: certain molecules or drug treatments cause a photosensitisation reaction resulting in the appearance of brown spots.

- Scars: acne or eczema lesions are more likely to darken, even after the wound has healed.

sea fern anti dark spot
In concrete terms, brown spots correspond to an overproduction and irregular distribution of melanin on the skin. Although melanocytes produce it especially when exposed to UV rays to act as a protective shield, these cells can sometimes go wrong: the epidermis can no longer defend itself against free radicals, and pigmentation spots form.

Old brown spots, is there still time to act?

Pigmentation spots are often irregular and vary in shape, size and colour over time. The more recent they are, the easier it is to remove them. However, even long-standing spots can be treated with regularity.

To better understand the evolution of the pigment stain :

- The new dark spot: it appears in case of over stimulation of the melanocytes. They produce excess melanin which rises to the surface of the skin. Although it is not yet completely visible, the complexion already appears irregular in this area.

- The spot that has already set in: it becomes visible as soon as the excess melanin reaches the upper layers of the skin. Sometimes, it happens that certain brown spots, even when removed, reappear in a recurrent manner. This skin phenomenon may indicate a disorder of the pigment cells. In this case, a consultation with a dermatologist is required to identify the cause.

Unified complexion: bet on anti-spot active ingredients!

To effectively erase pigmentation spots and prevent their appearance on the face, it is essential to use the right active ingredients.

Here is a selection of the most effective anti-spot molecules.


Extracted from the wild mulberry tree, this natural active ingredient helps to reduce pigmentation spots, thanks to its inhibiting action on tyrosinase, which is responsible for their formation.

Sea fern

Native to the French Atlantic coast, this brown seaweed helps to reduce the intensity and surface area of spots by targeting 3 key mechanisms of skin pigmentation:

- Slows down the production of melanin by reducing the activity of a key enzyme in melanogenesis: tyrosinase.

- Reduces the number and size of melanin transporters (melanosomes) to reduce the amount of melanin exported to the skin surface.

- Blocks the transfer of melanosomes to the skin surface.

These two active ingredients in PATYKA Anti-Spot Corrector Serum

PATYKA Dark Spot Corrector Serum is a 3-in-1 skin care product that is anti-spot, moisturizing and radiance-boosting. This serum is a great ally to regain an even complexion. Its organic formula is highly concentrated in antioxidant, melano-reducing and exfoliating active ingredients, and blocks the appearance of new pigmentation spots on the face and visibly reduces those already present.

In addition to an exclusive anti-spot complex combining Oxyresveratrol and Sea Fern, it is enriched with Goji berries, known for their exceptional antioxidant power, and Fruit Acids, which stimulate cell renewal. With each application, brown spots disappear and the skin regains its radiance.
serum anti dark spot

The right steps to avoid spots on the face

While targeted anti-spot treatments have been proven to eliminate pigmentary blemishes on the face, it is better to act preventively to avoid their formation. Adopt new habits to maintain an even skin tone.

Apply an anti-spot treatment with sun protection

As the main culprit in pigmentation disorders, using a skin care product that contains a sun protection factor is essential all year round. Even if you live in an area with little sunshine, UV rays can penetrate through the clouds and eventually reflect directly onto the skin. As a final step in your skincare routine, after applying your anti-spot serum, apply the High Protection Dark Spot Correcting Fluid SPF30 to protect the skin from spots and ageing, prevent the appearance of spots and correct existing ones.

Exfoliate the skin
To boost cell renewal and even out the complexion, it is recommended to exfoliate regularly. To avoid further weakening the skin, choose a gentle peel with fruit acids, such as the Double Action Smoothing Scrub, the Brightening Micro-peeling Essence or the Radiance Renewal Night Peel. In addition to fading pigment spots, the skin is softer, more even and radiant.

Did you know? The Brightening Micro-Peeling Essence doubles the effectiveness of the Dark-Spot Correcting Serum! Used daily, this remarkable duo helps to get rid of even the darkest spots.
Whether they are recent or already well established, pigmentation spots can be effectively eliminated thanks to the regular application of anti-spot active ingredients. While Oxyresveratrol and Sea Fern are renowned for their effectiveness, Goji berries, fruit acids, AHAs and even vitamin C are also particularly interesting molecules for visibly reducing established spots.