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Patyka - Expert Anti-Dark Spot

The complete ritual to fight blemishes and reveal the skin's radiance

This set of 3 treatments, 2 of which are FREE in travel size, reduces the size and intensity of dark spots already visible and blocks the appearance of future dark spots. A real booster of cell renewal, it brings hydration and radiance to the skin!

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Expert Anti-Dark Spot

*Fades spots  *Illuminates
  • NEW
Patyka - Solar Trio Set

The Trio of certified organic sun care products, to take everywhere!

Discover the Solar Trio Set, composed of Sun Body Spray SPF30, After Sun Creamy Gel and Sun Face Cream SPF50+ (Free). 3 care products recommended by dermatologists, suitable for the whole family, sensitive skin and pregnant women.

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Solar Trio Set

*Protects  *Hydrates
    Patyka - Set My Essentials Beautiful Skin

    4 skincare essentials for healthy skin

    An ally of healthy and clear skin, this exclusive set is composed of 4 essential treatments for a beautiful skin: 2 cleansing treatments, 1 of which is free, and 2 moisturizing treatments, for a radiant skin!

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    Set My Essentials Beautiful Skin

    *Clean  *Hydrate
      Patyka - Set for a Real Glow

      The set for skin suffocated by pollution and lacking radiance

      Discover the Coup d'Éclat set, a set of 4 anti-dullness treatments designed to protect the skin from external aggressions, detoxify it and stimulate its regeneration. Day after day, the skin's radiance is revived!


      Set for a Real Glow

        Patyka - MY RADIANCE RITUAL


        A set of 4 skincare products dedicated to urban and asphyxiated skin. Packed with antioxidant and revitalising active ingredients, they form a protective shield and strengthen the skin's defences. The complexion is illuminated and the skin is regenerated.

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        *Protect  *Illuminates
        • Limited Edition
        Patyka - Set Ritual Purity

        The purifying expert ritual, for a rebalanced skin, without imperfections

        LIMITED EDITION: The Purity Ritual is the ally of combination to oily skin with imperfections. Packed with anti-imperfection and anti-bacterial active ingredients, it is composed of two expert treatments designed to regulate sebum production, prevent the proliferation of bacteria and promote the healing of pimples, blackheads and acne marks.

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        Set Ritual Purity

        *Correct  *Regulate
        • Limited Edition
        Patyka - Set Ritual Radiance

        The anti-oxidant expert ritual, for a clear and radiant skin

        LIMITED EDITION: The Radiance Expert Ritual is the ally of dull skin, suffocated by pollution. Packed with detoxifying and energizing active ingredients, it is composed of 3 expert treatments designed to moisturize and detoxify the skin, revive its radiance and stimulate its cellular renewal.


        Set Ritual Radiance

        *Detoxifies  *Strengthens the skin's defenses
          Patyka - Youth Expert Ritual Set

          The expert anti-aging ritual, for smoother, plumper and firmer skin

          LIMITED EDITION : The Youth Expert Ritual Set is adapted to dehydrated skin, lacking elasticity and firmness. Packed with anti-aging active ingredients, it is composed of 3 expert treatments designed to fill in wrinkles, illuminate, protect and firm the skin. Day after day, your skin is plumped up, firmer and more toned.

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          Youth Expert Ritual Set

          *Repulp  *Firm
            Patyka - Set Anti-blemish

            The purifying and rebalancing anti-imperfection routine

            Purify your skin and correct your imperfections with the Anti-Imperfections Set. Designed for combination to oily skin, it purifies, absorbs excess sebum and impurities, matifies and blurs all types of lesions.

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            Set Anti-blemish

            *Rebalance  *Correct
              Patyka - E-Gift Card

              Offer a thousand possibilities, but always the best in organic skincare

              Introduce PATYKA to your loved ones by giving them an e-gift card. Instantly e-mailed after your purchase, it can be used on several occasions, only at

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                Patyka - Youth Set

                Your 4 expert skincare products that slow down the effects of time

                This limited-edition set contains a comprehensive anti-ageing routine, ideal for skin lacking firmness!

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                Youth Set

                *Repulp  *Smooth

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