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Regain a luminous and radiant skin

Say goodbye to dullness with certified organic skincare products that are highly concentrated in biotechnological active ingredients for luminous and healthy skin.

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Lack of sleep, cold, unbalanced diet, stress or hormonal disturbance, many causes a face with dull and tired complexion. These factors have an impact on the quality of your skin that is impaired due to dead cells or impurities that accumulate. This accumulation of dead cells on the surface of the skin weakens the skin barrier and prevents the skin from reflecting light. br /> br />Result? Your complexion is less homogeneous and has irregularities, the skin of the face is asphyxiated, cellular regeneration is slowed down: the complexion lacks radiance and becomes dull. A poor skin micro-circulation will also dull the complexion and reduce the amount of nutrients the skin receives and can result in a loss of radiance. Tobacco and pollution are of course aggravating factors, which asphyxiate the epidermis and promote the accumulation of impurities and toxins on the surface of the skin of the face.

To restore the skin of the face a radiant complexion, it is necessary to adopt a beauty routine composed of certified organic and effective care, rich in antioxidant active ingredients and vitamin. Find all the tips and tricks of PATYKA for a radiant skin.

Double face cleansing is the first step in your beauty routine to have clean, clean and radiant skin. It is a two-step cleansing method that is done using a cleansing oil to remove makeup and a cleansing foam to cleanse and detoxify the skin. This cleansing duo is available at PATYKA with the following treatments: Quick Cleansing Oil and Detox Cleansing Foam. The 100% natural Flash Cleansing Oil is a treatment composed of a trio of cold extracted vegetable oils, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids for skin radiant with beauty. Detox Cleansing Foam restores radiance by eliminating all traces of pollution and detoxifying it.

To regain a fresh and rested look, apply an eye contour treatment such as Eye Energizing Gel: it awakens and illuminates the look while fighting against the first wrinkles. The signs of fatigue are visibly eliminated, the look is sparkling thanks to Caffeine, a decongestant active that drains the skin and Brown Seaweed, particularly effective against dark circles, signs of fatigue and wrinkles. Finally, Hyaluronic Acid Pure & Vegetal allows to maintain a high level of hydration over a very long time by retaining water in the cells.

After the eye contour comes the serum stage. PATYKA offers two certified organic serums to restore the epidermis all its luminosity: the Perfecting Antioxidant Serum and the Anti-Taches Correcting Serum.

Perfector Antioxidant Serum is a dull anti complexion treatment formulated to restore the skin’s radiance thanks to its rich vitamin and antioxidant composition. This serum with a good-looking effect permanently protects against daily aggressions. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, it moisturizes, oxygen and plumps the skin. It therefore allows a global action on the radiance of the skin.

Le Sérum Correcteur Anti-Taches is a treatment that fights the formation of pigment spots on the face, unifies the complexion and restores radiance to the skin while moisturizing the skin. Its formula is concentrated in ultra-effective active ingredients for a targeted action against stains: a complex of natural fruit acids that stimulates cell renewal, unifies the complexion and brings radiance; Goji Berries, an exceptional antioxidant that helps the epidermis eliminate its toxins, restoring radiance to dull skin.

To complete your routine, it is necessary to adopt a cream adapted to the specific needs of dull skin: the Smoothing Antioxidant Cream. Rich in vitamins, this cream protects the skin from external aggressions (sun, pollution, cold...) responsible for the weakening of the skin barrier and the resulting dull complexion. This treatment also protects against skin aging by acting preventively on the signs of aging.

Finally, it is recommended to use a mask and a scrub in weekly complementary products to boost the daily routine thanks to their high concentration of effective natural active ingredients. The Smoothing Scrub Double-Action is an essential care for dull skin: both exfoliating mask and mechanical scrub, it allows to exfoliate the skin and to rid it of dead cells that clog the pores and prevent it from reflecting light. This beauty gesture stimulates cell renewal and allows the skin to regain a radiant complexion.
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