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Is your skin subject to stress and pollution?

Here's a specific skincare routine, enriched with antioxidant active ingredients, to get a fresh and radiant complexion.

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Every day, our facial skin is put to the test. Subjected daily to stress and pollution, it needs an organic routine, consisting of targeted care that is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, in order to preserve its protective barrier and keep a radiant complexion.

Unsurprisingly, urban skin is most vulnerable to premature skin aging and signs of aging. The skin, which plays the role of protective shield, is mistreated by urban life and its atmospheric pollutants. These repeated daily attacks (pollution, stress, wind, cold, sun) deplete the natural defense system, the epidermal barrier is weakened while fine particles infiltrate the cells, collagen production is compromised. The skin is asphyxiated, and to defend itself, it then produces free radicals in excess. These unstable molecules play a necessary role to cleanse the body of toxins but when they are too numerous, they attack healthy cells, proteins and the vitamin supply they contain. We then witness an acceleration of the aging process of the skin. The skin reacts similarly in case of excessive sun exposure and the free radicals produced in a deregulated way end up causing the appearance of brown spots.

Because of this oxidative stress caused by pollution, the skin is deficient in vitamin E and C, its main antioxidants, resulting in a multitude of skin problems: excessive production of sebum, dilated pores, the appearance of imperfections or pigment spots, weakening of the lipid barrier of cells, wrinkles and tired and dehydrated skin due to its low water retention. These disorders, produced by the free radicals produced in excess, draw on the energy reserves of the skin and expose it to the risk of premature skin aging.

Advanced Research PATYKA has developed certified organic cosmetics to neutralize the effect of pollution and neutralize free radicals, rich in natural antioxidant active ingredients and vitamins that fight against the stress of urban skin and give back to the skin of the face all its /> br/>Antioxidants are molecules found in fruits and vegetables in our daily diet, and allow the body to fight the harmful effects of free radicals. Essential in our foods, their benefits also make them essential ingredients in cosmetics. Numerous studies have proven their ability to stop or minimize cell oxidation while boosting cellular activity. It is therefore essential to include care concentrated in active antioxidants in its beauty routine for overall protective action and a good glow effect.

To preserve the beauty of your skin and combat the effects of oxidative stress, use the various certified organic products in the range that fight daily aggression and provide effective protection against free radicals. Thanks to their antioxidant-rich composition, they form a complete routine, ideal for urban skin, composed of serum, cream and eye contour care.

The 1st Signs of Age Range was therefore designed specifically to combat the effects of external aggressions and free radicals. Eye Energizing Gel erases signs of fatigue, reduces fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. Its content of antioxidant molecules gives a real glow to the eye. After the eye contour treatment, we move on to the serum stage with the Perfector Antioxidant Serum: a treatment that prevents signs of aging while defending the skin from pollution, stress or blue lights. This antioxidant-filled serum gives radiance and provides effective protection against external aggressions. Combined with the action of the serum, the Smoothing Antioxidant Cream, a cream rich in vitamin, smoothes wrinkles and fine lines and acts as an antioxidant shield. Thanks to its universal or fine texture, it fits all skin types, even the most sensitive. Of course, you must add effective sun protection to your routine: finish your skincare ritual by applying sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 protection rating.

The formulas of each treatment created by PATYKA are certified organic and are concentrated in natural active ingredients and antioxidants. Among them, the Hyaluronic Acid, famous molecule known for its moisturizing power, has a filling and smoothing action on wrinkles; the Marine Bio-Complex brings minerals and essential amino acids to the cells of the body, and multiplies by two cellular regeneration, to smooth the skin texture and illuminate the complexion; Date Kernel extracts with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and highly nutritious properties or Caffeine, known for its benefits and draining effect, decongestant and defatializing.
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