Why favour a natural beauty routine? 

Convinced of the benefits of nature for your skin, the PATYKA Advanced Search invites you to discover or rediscover the virtues of organic cosmetics. These formulas give preference to pure ingredientsvegetable waxes and oils as well as noble raw materials. for clear skin and a radiant complexion. In addition, they do not contain any chemical or synthetic components that are harmful to you or the planet in the long term.

Thanks to PATYKA, take stock of your beauty ritual in order to adopt the caresnaturals that suit you.

By integrating natural beauty products into your daily routine, your skin will enjoy the benefits of nature while opting for eco-responsible consumption.

To maintain healthy skin

The epidermis is a real living organism, in direct contact with our environment. It forms a protective shield against external aggressions and direct impacts, such as shocks or friction, and also fights against the action of chemical agents. In addition, it stimulates our body's immune system by preventing the penetration of micro-organisms.

In fact, much of what we apply to our skin is absorbed by our bodies. It is therefore important to be vigilant about the composition of the products used in order to prevent harmful components from penetrating our epidermis.

Formulated with pure ingredients, including the active ingredients are closer to the natural components of our epidermisyou have the guarantee that these will be more easily assimilated by the skinwithout attacking or obstructing it. Thus, by favouring certified organic cosmetics, you are taking the side ofoffer the best for your skin and your health.

Pour conserver une peau en pleine santé

To preserve the environment

In addition to being true beauty allies for your skin, cares natural and organic products are also respectful of our beautiful planet.

When they are certified by a certification body or a label, their manufacture cares is highly regulated and meets specific criteria: only non-polluting processes are tolerated, their composition must contain at least 95% natural ingredients and the packaging must consume as little energy as possible and be easily recyclable.

cares Organic products are made from natural raw materials from Organic Agriculture, i.e. they do not contain any traces of synthetic chemical ingredients, pesticides or GMOs.

In addition, these natural products are not tested on animals (as required by European certification) and exclude components of animal origin except those naturally produced by the animal such as honey, beeswax and milk.

Subject to very strict specifications, a certified organic beauty ritual must obtain specific certifications and labels (Ecocert, Cosméco or Cosmébio) that you guarantee a natural and high quality composition.

Pour préserver l'environnement

Towards an organic beauty routine

How to choose the right products?

First of all, it is important to know how to use the right productsi.e. cosmetics with healthy formulations, as natural as possible and of which the ingredients, made from natural raw materials, are little processed so as not to distort their benefits. Then to definitively discard the components that can alter the quality of the skin and the environment.

Set up a organic beauty routine is sometimes a little confusing. Give yourself time to make a smooth transition to natural cosmetics. For example, for example.., Start by replacing one product at a time.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†‚ÄĒ¬†To discover all the good reasons to choose certified cosmetic products¬†bio and vegan, nFeel free to¬†see¬†our Organic Beauty Guide.

The composition of Patyka's skin care

The mission of PATYKA Advanced Research is to offer natural and effective beauty to women who wish to take care care of their skin while preserving the environment. 

PATYKA is one of the first cosmetic brands in the world to be certified organic by Ecocert in 2002.. All of the cares without exception are certified organic by Ecocert and meet the requirements of the Cosmebio Charter. They are composed of 95% minimum of ingredients of natural origin, 95% minimum of vegetable ingredients of a product are organic, and at at least 20% of the ingredients are organically grown.... All chemical and synthetic ingredients are thus replaced by natural and vegetable ingredients.


The 100% natural beauty ritual according to PATYKA

Don't hesitate any longer and let yourself be tempted by organic cosmetics and their benefits. PATYKA has elaborated a guide to build your beauty ritual in 5 decisive steps, effective and certified organic. 

Step 1 - Thoroughly cleanse

Among the beauty gestures to adopt on a daily basis, thoroughly cleansing your face is one of the essential steps. It eliminates pollution, dust, excess sebum and other toxins that dull the skin's beauty.

For those who are afraid to attack their skin, PATYKA has developed the 3-step Cleansing Ritual which is inspired by the Asian method of "layering" and whose innovative formulas meet the needs of all skin types.

1ère étape : nettoyer en profondeur

The Remarkable Cleansing oil is applied with the fingertips and is ideal for removing traces of make-up, even waterproof, without sensitising the skin. And by limiting your consumption of cotton wool, you're making a gesture for the planet!

Continue with theHas Cleansing Perfecting Foam In order to revivesr the radiance of dull skin and oxygenate the epidermis in depth while respecting the skin's balance. Urban skins can turn toHas Detox Cleansing FoamThis is enriched with Aloe Vera to free the skin from the imperfections accumulated during the day.

Finally, finish by applying a tonic lotion. Often neglected, this step is nevertheless essential for a healthy glowing skin. For mature skin, the Essential Lifting Lotion smoothes the skin and boosts collagen production. For oily or blemished skin, the Balancing purifying Lotion Tightens pores and improves skin balance thanks to the prebiotics it contains.

 > Adopt a Anti-Ageing Cleansing Ritual complete by clicking here. 

Step 2 - Choosing the serum that's right for you

All skins, whether oily, combination or mixed, are affected.me trDry women can adopt a suitable serum as part of their beauty routine. Thanks to its fine and light texture, the serum penetrates deeper into the epidermal cells while targeting a specific skin problem.

PATYKA has developed different serums to meet the unique needs of each skin: the Hydra-Booster Serum That Intensely nourishes even the most thirsty skin., lE Advanced Plumping Serum That brings mature skin firmness or the Radiance Regenerating Serum awakens the dullest complexions. As for the Dark Spot Correcting Serumit offers a complete action against stains that alter the luminosity and radiance of your skin, for a complexion that is unified, homogeneous and protected from the harmful effects of free radicals.

2ème étape : Choisir le sérum fait pour vous

   - Find out here how how to choose your face serum.

Step 3 - Finding a sparkling look again

The area around the eye contour is particularly demanding and fragile, it wrinkles more easily and the marks of time settle in more easily. This is why it requires cares targeted and perfectly adapteds.

The Energising Eye Gel is ideal to wake up and illuminate the eyes thanks to the caffeine it contains. It is particularly recommended for those who are frequently exposed to pollution and blue lights.

Retrouver un regard pétillant

The Youthful Lift Eye cream fills in the most marked wrinkles and will be your daily anti-ageing, anti-dark circle and anti-puffiness ally.


Step 4 - Apply the right moisturizer

Applying a moisturizing cream daily is the fundamental step for a plumped up, soft and luminous skin. During the day, the skin needs to be protected against external aggressions in order to slow down premature skin aging. And at night, the epidermis needs a little boost to help it regenerate.

Thanks to these certified organic formulas, all the ingredients of PATYKA face creams have a beneficial action for the skin: the emulsifiers are vegetable oils and waxes, the fragrances are natural and are composed of basis dessential oils with therapeutic virtues for the epidermis.

Appliquer la bonne crème hydratante

That the skin needs to be fed (The Intensive Hydra-Soothing Moisturizer), matt (The Matte Perfecting Fluid), protégée signs of age (The Youth remodeling cream) or external aggression (the Multi Protection Radiance Cream), there's bound to be a cream made for you. 


Step 5 - Renew your skin with an ultra-targeted face mask

Once or twice a weekgive yourself a moment cocooning with the application of a mask or a natural scrub. This simple beauty gesture provides the skin with the specific active ingredients it needs and leaves the complexion fresh and radiant.

Faites peau neuve avec un masque visage ultra-ciblé

The Double Action Smoothing Scrub stimulates cell renewal and combines in one care a smoothing, exfoliating and softening action. A powerful source of hydration, the Intensive Moisturizing Mask concentrates highly nutritious natural active ingredients for more supple and comfortable skin. Finally, the Detox Charcoal Mask clarifies the complexion and purifies skin suffocated by pollution.

            - Ready to take action and adopt a natural beauty ritual?

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