Visible and blocked pores, blackheads, small pimples... The skin on your face is an area prone to Imperfectionsand oily skin with an acneic tendency is far from being the only one concerned! Whether they are on the nose, chin, cheeks or even on the forehead, the most important thing is to know correctly to dislodge these imperfections thanks to cares adapted. PATYKA Advanced Search gives you all the keys to eradicate blackheads and small pimples.

Blackheads and pimples: what causes them?

Before sharing the secrets to getting rid of them, let's talk about what causes blackheads and pimples!

It all starts with a sebaceous gland imbalancewhich allow to produce the Sebum. Sebum is an essential element for beautiful skin, as it protects it from external aggressions and maintains its hydration and radiance. But it is also theIt is one of the main causes of the appearance of blemishes on your skin. Indeed, when the sebaceous glands are unbalanced, they produce excess sebum that comes from the skin. get lodged in your pores. The pores dilate to expel excess sebum but soon become overflowing and eventually become clogged. In addition to this an accumulation of dead cells and dust which oxidize, while excess sebum promotes the development of a bacterium that causes irritation, redness, blackheads and pimples !

- Discover our selection of cares targets for Oily Skin and for sensitive skin, prone to redness. 

Pores dilates

Blackheads and pimples, which can be red or white when they are in an inflammatory period, then appear on the median area of the face, also called the "T-zone": on the forehead, the wings of the nose and the chin.

But the appearance of these imperfections is not only due to sebaceous glands and clogged pores! Indeed, stress, poor skin hygiene or the use of unsuitable cosmetic products can be the cause of blocked pores. The same goes for an unbalanced lifestyle and a diet that is too rich, two factors not to be underestimated. In some people, the appearance of imperfections can also be purely genetic ...

Blackheads and pimples: the best techniques for getting rid of them

It's hard to resist the urge to get rid of a pimple or blackhead yourself when you see it in your mirror... And yet! Trituring your blackheads is the number one prohibition if you don't want to have scars or see other imperfections appear. Finally, to dislodge your blackheads, the secret lies in the gestures and the beauty routine you choose!

Keeping Your Face Clean

Every evening, we think about removing our make-up and practicing, if possible, double cleaning! This is the solution to eliminate the most stubborn imperfections.

We start with a make-up remover oil, like the Remarkable Cleansing Oilfor effectively dissolve make-up as well as all traces of pollution and dust that may aggravate your skin problems. This oil is ideal even for the most sensitive skin and keeps the skin looking good for longer.

This ritual is followed by a gentle, soap-free cleansing foam with moisturizing and softening active ingredients. The Detox Cleansing Foam is formulated for all skin types: it frees the skin from impurities and eliminates pollution particles accumulated during the day.

For mature skin that is prone to signs of aging, focus on the Cleansing Perfecting Foam : it refines skin texture while cleansing and oxygenating the skin deep down. Thanks to its formula full of oxygenating active ingredients, it is ideal for revive the radiance of dull, clogged skinwithout attacking them.

Hygiene Visage Purifiante Perfectrice

Finally, think about the sauna-facial option, to be performed once a week to dilate the pores and release impurities! A steam bath enriched with a few drops of essential oils (Tea Tree for oily skin, Lavender for normal to combination skin, Thyme for sensitive skin) opens the pores and neutralizes the most painful imperfections, all in just 10 minutes.

To remove blackheads, it is then recommended to use a blackhead remover or to opt for the soft way, using a tissue and your hands (make a slight pressure movement to dislodge them).

Finish your anti-blemish beauty routine with the application of a care alcohol-free tonics, such as the Anti-Blemish Toner, enriched in Prebiotics to control bad bacteria and restore skin balance. This is the indispensable step to purify the imperfections and relieve the epidermis.

Balance, Purify and Reduce Shine

To dislodge impurities, nothing beats a Exfoliating enriched with fruit acids ! The Double Action Smoothing Scrub is a multi-purpose care that can be used both in enzyme mask (without grain) to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells, or by mechanical scrub to be massaged into the skin with circular movements. Its other advantages? It refines the skin texture, illuminates the complexion and blurs pigmentary defects... and even has anti-aging properties!

Gommage Lissant Double Action

On a daily basis, we rely on a carerebalancing product with a light texture that does not overload the skin. The Matte Perfecting Fluid Allows you to regulate sebum production while maintaining your skin's hydration throughout the day. It visibly reduces enlarged pores, unsightly shine and uneven skin tone.

crème visage matifiante


Blackheads and pimples: how to keep them from coming back

We think to carefully examine each one of his habits! If diet and lifestyle are very often at issue when new imperfections appear, your daily gestures can be just as much so.

Examine the composition of your make-up with a magnifying glass, and if you see that your products contain mineral oils, talcum powder or artificial colourings, think about changing them for products with cleaner compositions!

We also check the hygiene of our make-up brushes and pillowcase, two real nests of bacteria if they are not washed regularly. Finally, if you have pimples on your chin... beware of those that are constantly poking their face, your hands can also be responsible for the appearance of blackheads!

Ultimately, it is essential to adopt a beauty routine adapted to one's skin type and skin concerns.

Discover our Anti-Imperfection Routinea complete ritual to regulate and purify the epidermis inspired by our Pure Collection.