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Do you want an even and homogeneous complexion?

Choose a complete organic anti-spot skin care routine: a weekly exfoliation combined with the daily application of a serum with a targeted anti-spot action.

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Patyka - High Protection Dark Spot Correcting Fluid

Protects the skin, corrects and prevents the appearance of spots.

Protects the skin from UV rays and free radicals, prevents the appearance of spots and corrects existing ones. Highly concentrated in Sea Fern, a botanical active ingredient with proven lightening effectiveness.

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High Protection Dark Spot Correcting Fluid

*Fades dark spot *Hydrates  *Protects
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Patyka - Brightening Renewal Night Peel

The essential Night Care to fight against spots

A daily anti-spot night care inspired by dermatological peelings that accelerates the elimination of established spots, evens out the complexion and boosts the skin's radiance.

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Brightening Renewal Night Peel

*Reduces dark spot *Brightness
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Patyka - Brightening Renewal Night Peel Refill

Refill, the more responsible gesture

The refill format of the anti-spot peel inspired by dermatological peels that accelerates the elimination of established spots, evens out the complexion and boosts the skin's radiance.


Brightening Renewal Night Peel Refill

*Refills  *Reduces dark spot  *Brightness
    Patyka - Dark Spot Correcting Serum

    The ally for unified complexion

    This care offers a complete action against stains to reduce their size and fade their intensity while preventing and blocking their appearance.

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    Dark Spot Correcting Serum

    *Blurs stains  *Moisturizes
      Patyka - Brightening Micro-Peeling Essence

      The brightening peeling lotion that fades away stains

      Highly concentrated in Natural Fruit Acids and Sea Fern, it should be applied every evening in order to blur spots and even out the complexion. It also doubles the effectiveness of the Dark Spot Correcting Serum!

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      Brightening Micro-Peeling Essence

      *Lights Up  *Blurs Stains
        Patyka - Double Action Smoothing Scrub

        Exfoliating radiance care

        Three exfoliating active ingredients combined in a single care product that refines skin texture, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles while bringing radiance to the complexion.

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        Double Action Smoothing Scrub

        *Smoothes  *Refines skin texture

        Brown spotting can occur in women, regardless of skin type, in different areas: on the face, neck, cleavage or body. Their color can vary from dark brown to beige and their appearance is due to many factors: sun, fatigue, stress, pollution, acne scars, age or hormonal disruption. The first factor causing the pigment spots is excessive sun exposure; the hormonal change related to pregnancy can also make appear "the pregnancy mask" (or melasma) while age slows down the natural renewal of cells, giving rise to irregularities and brown spots.

        These different factors disrupt the activity of melanocytes, cells located in the heart of the skin, which disrupt and produce excess melanin. Melanin is a pigment produced by melanocytes that gives the skin its colour and acts as a shield against sun exposure: it multiplies to protect the health of the skin. However, when the cells of the epidermis produce melanin in too high a quantity, spots of hyperpigmentation are formed. With skin aging, the slowing down of cell renewal promotes the appearance of brown spots: the skin is less and less radiant and presents irregularities.

        In order to regain a unified complexion without resorting to invasive treatments on skin pigmentation such as laser treatment or chemical peeling, you can turn to certified organic care with proven effectiveness, natural active ingredients for healthy skin. For this, adopt a brown stain-repellent skincare routine, adapted to all skin types, technical formula and ultra-concentrated natural ingredients for an effective treatment against hyperpigmentation.

        On perfectly cleansed and cleansed skin, apply the Anti-Tache Corrector Serum, suitable for all skin types, to the face. By regulating the production of melanin, this serum allows a targeted and preventive action on pigment spots, whether they are due to the sun, hormones, acne scars or the aging of the skin.

        To combat the formation of brown spots, this treatment is composed of an exclusive stain-repellent complex that combines sea fern and oxyresveratrol to block melanin overproduction by melanocytes. Thus, the Correcting Serum Anti-Taches lightens and restores the skin its natural radiance. The action of this product is itself enhanced by fruit acids whose exfoliating virtues stimulate cell renewal and blur brown spots. In addition, the presence of hyaluronic acid (high molecular weight and intermediate molecular weight) in the formula guarantees the skin optimal hydration throughout the day and a firming action to smooth wrinkles and reduce signs of aging.

        For extra anti-spot action, use Double Action Smoothing Scrub once or twice a week in your beauty routine to remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. This scrub, which can also be applied as a mask, contains both exfoliating beads and enzymatic active ingredients. Thus, this product allows a smooth and complete exfoliation thanks to jojoba wax microspheres and the natural complex of 5 fruit acids. The epidermis is toned again, it regenerates faster and the brown spots are blurred. Finished the dull complexion, or the irregular skin texture with its smoothing anti-aging action on wrinkles.

        Stain-repellent treatments provide an effective treatment against pigment spots, by blurring existing spots and acting as prevention to prevent the appearance of new brown spots on the skin of the face. These two products unify the complexion, giving it radiance while responding to pigmentation problems to restore the skin’s beauty.

        Among the tips to limit the formation of brown spots on the face or other areas of the body of women, the most important is to limit the exposure of the skin to the sun and apply a sun protection cream every day.
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