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The organic certified anti-ageing expertise

Actively fight signs of ageing with the first certified organic anti-ageing skincare products with proven efficacy.

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From the age of 25, the frequency of cell renewal decreases, regardless of our skin type. This is when skin aging begins: when the production of collagen and elastin of the skin of the face slows down. These two molecules are essential to give the epidermis its firm and bounced appearance. The skin loosens and gradually loses firmness.

Beyond this natural aging process of the skin, environmental factors such as pollution or lifestyle have a significant impact on the appearance of the first signs of aging. It is the accumulation of external aggressions suffered in daily life, such as sun, stress, sun exposure, that the complexion becomes dull and that wrinkles appear.

If skin aging is inevitable, you can still firm the skin and blend the signs of aging by using anti-wrinkle products to boost the skin’s elastin and collagen production. These treatments will aim to firm the skin of the face thanks to a high concentration of organic active ingredients with proven effectiveness.

From the age of 40, when signs of aging are established, it is essential to apply anti-wrinkle face care that will fight against sagging skin and installed wrinkles, and firm the skin.

Discover Patyka’s tips to fight against the loss of firmness and elasticity of the epidermis.
Thanks to 10 years of laboratory research, the Maison Parisienne de Cosmétique Bio PATYKA has formulated anti-aging treatments targeting the loss of firmness of the face skin and the formation of wrinkles with the Rides & Fermeté range.

This line consists of a complete beauty routine to smooth and firm, correct signs of aging, deeply moisturize and repair the epidermis for healthy skin.

It is dedicated to mature skin that wants to fight against wrinkles and fine lines, lack of firmness and elasticity, less clear contours of the face, lack of hydration and dull complexion.

The first treatment in the range is the Crème Jeunesse du Regard, intended for the eye contour, a particularly sensitive area where the skin easily marks. To regain its youth, the gaze needs a burst of brilliance and targeted assets. The PATYKA Advanced Research has developed a complex of smoothing and relaxing active ingredients, for visibly reduced dark circles and pockets and exceptional anti-aging effectiveness. Its MICROCAPS complex has an anti-wrinkle action, beet polysaccharides are anti-dark circles and anti-poches while the beech bud moisturizes and illuminates.

After the eye contour, apply an anti-aging face serum at the highest hyaluronic acid concentration: the ideal treatment is Fundamental Plumping Serum. This serum is intended for loose, dehydrated skin, suffering from a lack of elasticity, marked by installed wrinkles. Its action smoothes, plumps and firms the skin thanks to the hyaluronic acid present under 4 molecular weights; the marine extracts redraw the contours of the face and firm the skin. These active ingredients boost collagen production, offsetting the natural loss of this molecule. The skin is then plumped, firmer, more toned with visibly filled wrinkles.

Subsequently, the Youth Remodelant Cream is a treatment that complements the smoothing action of this ritual by moisturizing and firming the skin of the face. It corrects signs of aging, prolongs the skin’s youthful capital and fights against skin tissue sagging, thanks to its certified organic formula with an exclusive complex of 8 anti-aging active ingredients. Available in 3 textures to adapt to all skin types: the fine texture is intended for combination to oily skin, the universal texture for normal skin and the rich texture for dry skin.

Finally, for an anti-aging action during the night, apply the Repairing Night Elixir: this treatment is a regenerating and revitalizing elixir composed of 16 organic vegetable oils to firm the skin. Intended for mature skin, dull complexion and tired complexion, this night oil detoxifies, rebalances, and smoothes for plumped and firm face skin.

Time does not spare the skin of the body: to target areas of the body sensitive to slackening such as the inside of the arms, thighs, neck, bust and belly, apply the Youth Firming Body Care, a cream that lifts and shapes the skin of the body to stimulate cell renewal.
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