Non-comedogens care to the rescue of the skin at imperfections

To rebalance your skin in a long-lasting way and fight against imperfections, opt for non-comedogenic cares . These avoid pore-clogging formulas and occlusive agents to limit the formation of blackheads.

The PATYKA Advanced Research answers your questions and gives you the specific cares to adopt in order to find a beautiful skin... without skin imperfections.

What is a non-comedogenic product?

Comedogenic comes from the word "blackheads" and literally means the tendency of an ingredient to block the sebaceous glands, responsible for the production of sebum. Comedogenic substances can cause a variety of skin ailments:

- Open microcysts, also known as blackheads. Their black colour comes from the oxidation of sebum.

- The microcysts closed, which develop on the surface of the skin, creating a white bump.

- The dilated poresswhen the skin texture becomes visible and is not uniform.

- Acne, which can take the form of painful, swollen red pimples or persistent white pimples.

Thus, a non-comedogenic care means that it does not promote the appearance of pimples and other imperfections. Its texture and composition limits the appearance of blackheads and does not clog the pores of the skin. Non-comedogenic cosmetics will be particularly effective allies for skin with imperfections or acne prone skin.

How to recognize skin with imperfections?

Unlike dry or normal skin, combination and oily skin are naturally more prone to imperfections. They are characterized by an excessive production of sebumalso known as hyperseborrhea. The skin is thicker, irregular, shiny and oily all over the face in the case of oily skin or only on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) for combination skin.

Consequence: the microbial flora, known as The "microbiota", which represents the skin's first defence barrier, is unbalanced. The epidermis is then more exposed to the proliferation of bacteria.

Find out here all our advice to fight against excess sebum. 

Comment reconna√ģtre une peau √† imperfections ?

What are the triggers for skin blemishes?

Everything happens within the sebaceous glands that make sebum. They protect the skin from drying out and help maintain its suppleness and health. However, due to various factors, these glands get out of control and produce excess sebum quantity. The skin can no longer breathe, the pores dilate. Pimples, black or whiteheads, acne and microcysts then appear.

Although some skins are more prone to imperfections, the nature of the skin is not the only cause of their appearance. Indeed, external elements can exacerbate these skin discomforts:

Hormonal changes

Hormones play an important role in our body because they are responsible for the development of the sebaceous glands. Thus, when there is a hormonal imbalance (for example, during menstrual cycles, puberty or pregnancy), it has a direct impact on the condition of our skin and leads to significant seborrhea. In addition, taking certain medications, such as the birth control pill, also affects hormone levels.

Poor skin hygiene

Morning and evening, it is essential to cleanse thoroughly his face using cares appropriate and gentle to the face, at the risk of accentuating these symptoms. Avoid touching your blemishes and touching your face with unwashed hands.. Finally, if you use brushes for make-up, remember to wash them regularly to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. 

Environmental agents

Atmospheric pollution (fine particles, smoke...) causes oxidative stress which alters the composition of sebum. These toxic agents accumulate on the surface of the epidermis which encourages the development of blackheads.

In addition, poor diet, smoking, excess alcohol, lack of sleep and stress stimulate sebum production and aggravate skin imperfections.

Comment bien choisir un soin non comédogène ?

How to choose a non-comedogenic care?

When using our daily cares , an occlusive film forms on the skin to moisturize and protect it from aggression. However, by applying these occlusive products to skin prone to imperfections, the natural evacuation of sebum is prevented. In order to prevent the amplification of these imperfections and the appearance of blackheads, it is therefore important to know whether your products are comedogenic or non-comedogenic.

In order to make a better choice, several criteria must be taken into account:

- Is the ingredient at the beginning or at the top of the list? Be particularly careful with the first 7 to 8 ingredients of a list of components, they often represent the largest quantity component of the product.

- What type of product is it? Will it remain in contact with the skin for a long time?

- Is there one or more comedogenic components?

It is recommended to avoid ...

- Vegetable oils and waxes: wheat germ, coconut, argan, rose hip, ...

- Mineral oils and waxes: parafinum liquidum, petrolatum, microcrystalline cera, wax...

- Animal waxes: mainly beeswax

- Gums and resins: red algae, carageenan, xanthan...

Also be careful not to leave your creams in the sun and check their expiry date. Ingredients may "turn" with time or heat and comedo.

PATYKA care for a zero default skin

To say goodbye to imperfections, we combine meticulous cleaning, an essential daily gesture, with purifying cares .

The range CLEAN for an ideally cleansed skin

It's just... often the cleaning and make-up removal stage which is at the origin of blackheads. Unsuitable, ineffective or too abrasiveIf you do not remove your make-up properly, it can cause your skin a lot of problems. The skins with imperfections wrongly forbid the use of a make-up remover oil in their beauty routine. However, it is by no means a source of extra shine. It's even the texture most likely to eliminate the fatty substances already secreted by the skin.

PATYKA has developed a gentle and effective 3-step ritual that cleans the face while respecting the skin's balance.


Découvrez le Rituel Clean


-¬†L‚Äô Huile D√©maquillante¬†√Čclair

    This care make-up remover with antioxidant and repairing benefits removes all traces of make-up (even waterproof) in a single step without leaving a greasy feeling.

    In addition, the Organic Jojoba Oil it contains is non-comedogenic. Indeed, its composition is very close to that of sebum, which makes it perfectly compatible with the skin. Pimples and shine fade with each application. 

    - Detox Cleansing Foam

      Formulated without soap or irritating synthetic active ingredients, La Mousse Nettoyante Détox frees the skin from impurities while respecting the skin's balance thanks to its formula enriched with organic Moringa. This vegetal active ingredient has a strong cleansing power and is very effective in eliminating the micro-particles of pollution that asphyxiate the skin.

      - La Lotion Lactée Apaisante

        It's the first moisturizing gesture not to be missed. It illuminates the complexion and prepares the skin for the following cares . This lotion from care bio is enriched with Aloe Vera, a very effective skin repairer that regenerates, moisturizes and soothes the skin.

        The range PURE for a perfectly balanced skin

        In its laboratory, PATYKA Advanced Research has developed a range that gently tackles imperfections. Developed for combination to oily skin, these certified organic cares products are enriched with Prebiotics to reinforce the skin's good bacteria. They rebalance, maintain and stimulate the microbial flora that protects the skin while regulating sebum production on a dailybasis.

        Découvrez le Rituel Pure

        - The Purifying Lotion Balancing

          Ultra-effective and specially formulated for combination skin with an oily tendency, the Balancing Purifying Lotion tightens the pores and prevents the appearance of imperfections. It purifies the skin and regulates sebum thanks to its high content of Prebiotics and vegetable Salicylic Acid. The latter, extracted from Wintergreen, is a powerful antibacterial that stimulates skin renewal and refines skin texture.

          - The Matte Fluid Perfector

            Thanks to its fine, non-sticky texture, this organic cream is a great ally for controlling shiny areas of the face while providing light hydration. Burdock root, the star active ingredient of this care, is renowned for its sebo-regulating and purifying properties. Finally, extracts of Prebiotics attenuate imperfections by reinforcing the microbial flora.

            - The Detox Charcoal Mask

              Once or twice a week, apply this care deep cleanser to restore freshness and purity to the complexion. Its non-drying formula infused with Zinc effectively cleanses and purifies the skin. Plant Charcoal Extracts absorb toxins and tighten pores for a matte complexion and refined skin texture.


              Looking for a complete routine to fight skin blemishes? Find our selection of cares adapted Patyka in the Anti-Imperfection Routine.