PATYKA explains how to relieve your dry skin at the onset of winter.

All skin types are sensitive to the change of season, however some skin types are more vulnerable than others: this is the case for dry and sensitive skin. These will need special attention and a suitable routine to maintain their beauty. 

Why do the seasons impact the condition of the skin?

Throughout the year, the condition of the skin varies according to seasonal changes. Spring and fall are the most fateful for the body. During these intermediate seasons, when the temperature variations are not frank, the epidermis must make a greater effort to adapt to regulate body temperature and avoid the appearance of skin irregularities.

With the approach of winter, blood circulation is slowed down, The cold contracts the small vessels that nourish the skin and this causes a reduction in the necessary supply of nutrients. In addition, the sebaceous glands, which are responsible for keeping the skin well hydrated and preserving its protective hydrolipidic film, no longer secrete enough sebum. The skin therefore dries out more quickly. Finally, without sunlight, vitamin D is harder to attach to the epidermis, thus causing a slowing of cell renewal and an inevitable loss of radiance.

To avoid sensitizing the skin and suffering from discomfort, dryness or itching, it is important to take care it from the beginning of the fall with the cares right products.



Dry skin: the first victims of temperature variations

Dry to very dry skins have more difficulty than others in coping with climatic variations. They tend to flake and peel and are identifiable by redness, discomfort and tightness caused by an abnormality of the skin barrier. Their lack of water and nutrients, caused by insufficient sebaceous glands, damages the skin barrier that protects them from external aggressions. 

To strengthen the resistance of skin with atopic tendency and compensate for this lack of sebum, it is essential to provide them with nutrients, lipids, moisturizing active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and emollient agents. They will stimulate the cellular renewal of the epidermis, slow down premature skin ageing and prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated.

Change of season, change of beauty routine

In order to take care effectively from a very dry and denatured skin, it is necessary to adapt its ritual to cares the slightest change in temperature, while being attentive to the specific needs of its epidermis.

Discover the precious tips from PATYKA Advanced Research to moisturize and nourish your skin as well as possible.

The Remarkable Cleansing Oil

This melting make-up remover oil is perfect for removing traces of make-up (including waterproof) and pollution without damaging the skin. Its formula enriched with Muscat Rose and Prickly Pear extracts combines effectiveness with nutrition. In addition, the presence of Vitamin E helps the skin to strengthen its hydrolipidic film and maintain water in the cells for a hydrated skin throughout the day.


Huile Remarquable Démaquillante

Soothing Milky Toner

After cleansing, to remove the traces of limescale from the water responsible for real feelings of tightness for dry skin, opt for a toning lotion. 

PATYKA's Soothing Milky Lotion is rich in plumping Aloe Vera and soothing Organic Mallow extracts. It is applied morning and evening to bring a fresh touch to your skin. Its powerful active ingredients work their way into the heart of the cells to calm and moisturize the skin deep down.


Lotion Lactée Apaisante

Hydra-Booster Serum

A real care SOS for skin lacking in water, Hydra-Booster Serum plumps and revitalizes the driest skin and calms sensitized epidermis thanks to plant Bisabolol. To be combined with a day or night cream, it care helps to restore the skin's luminosity and vitality thanks to its formula enriched with mineral salts and trace elements. In addition, the Tremella and Hyaluronic Acid extracts it contains recharge the skin with water.


Sérum Hydra-Booster


The Energizing Eye Gel

The use of an eye carecontour is particularly recommended for dry skin. Indeed, this area is excessively fragile and tends to dry faster than other areas of the face.

The Gel energizing Eyes of PATYKA contains powerful active ingredients with energizing and relaxing benefits. Its composition in Hyaluronic Acid limits the dehydration of this delicate area and provides a filling action. for a more sparkling look.

Gel Energisant Yeux

Rich Hydra-Soothing Cream

The application of a moisturizing cream is the fundamental step to relieve dry skin and stop inflammation. Promote rich and comforting textures to preserve the epidermis against aggressions that alter the skin's condition. 

PATYKA Advanced Research has developed thea Rich Hydra-Soothing Cream in order to bring intense comfort to the driest skins thanks to the presence of Mont Blanc Glacier Water, with thirst-quenching virtues, and Organic Mango Butter, with nourishing properties. Your skin instantly regains its radiance and balance.

For those who wish to moisturize their skin while correcting the marks of time, opt for the Youth remodeling cream. Packed with powerful anti-aging actives, this cream plumps the skin and gives it an immediate filling effect. to smooth out the signs of aging.


The Intense Moisturizing Mask

To bring even more comfort to your dry skin, Apply Intense Moisturizing Mask once or twice a week to the entire face. Rich in essential fatty acids, it promotes wound healing and stimulates the skin's collagen production. 

When it is particularly dry and sensitive, do not hesitate to leave the mask on all night for a deep hydration. 

Masque Hydratant Intense

Finally, having beautiful skin also depends on what we eat. At the change of season, give priority to proteins, fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E and make sure you drink enough water. This way, your body won't run out of fluids and your skin will be less prone to dryness.

Now you are ready to brave the new season while maintaining healthy and nourished skin.

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