Damask Rose, the secret of a perfect skin

Cultivated since ancient times, the Rose of Damascus offers all its benefits in many skincare. Toning, moisturizing, soothing... its properties are multiple on your skin, but it is recognized above all for its very special fragrance. Thanks to the expertise and advanced research PATYKA, discover all the benefits of the Damascus rose for visibly more beautiful skin.

Damask rose: an age-old flower

The Damascus Rose is one of the oldest rose species. It embodies beauty with double flowers that range from pure white to luminous purple. Native to Syria, it is a delicate flower that has been cultivated for thousands of years. Indeed, already a thousand years before Christ, the Damask Rose was planted on the island of Samos, opposite Greece, in honour of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Considered as a mystical flower, its tradition lasted until the Roman Empire with the cult of Venus. If it is nowadays found in the West, it is notably thanks to the Crusades which allowed it to become a cosmetic active ingredient in its own right. Because of the many conflicts in its country of origin, also affecting those who produce it, the Damascus Rose is now cultivated in Turkey, Morocco but also in Bulgaria.

It is harvested in an ancestral way: between May and June, the first flowers must be harvested at dawn to prevent the sun's rays and heat from blurring their strong scent. This is why the Damascus Rose is grown at high altitudes, where it draws its essential nutrients season after season. The harvested flowers are distilled less than 24 hours after picking in order to preserve all their virtues: those that are untreated and organically grown are the richest in antioxidants.

If its virtues are multiple, it is famous above all for its bewitching perfume, and for good reason, it is the variety of roses most used in perfumery and cosmetics! In perfumery, it is called Rosa Domascena it is transformed into essence and is appreciated for its powerful and fragrant smell. But for several years now, it is above all in essential oil and floral water that it has experienced a real renaissance.

Rose de damas

The different virtues of the Rose of Damask

TDamask rose can be used in three different ways: as an essence, floral water or essential oil and each has its own particular benefits for the skin.

Damask Rose Essence

 Also known as the "Queen of Flowers", the essence or absolute of Damask Rose has a sweet, sweet and very fragrant scent. Used in perfumery, it is very often present in the composition of many perfumes, especially as a top note, because its scent promotes emotion and sensuality.

Damask Rose Essential Oil

 With its powerful and flowery scent, Damask Rose essential oil hardly goes unnoticed! An ally for all skin types against the first signs of aging, it is also invigorating and has a real energizing power. Astringent, regenerating and anti-aging, it is also healing and revitalizing. Very expensive and with powerful effects on the skin, it is preferable to use it diluted. Indeed, to obtain 1kg of essential oil of Damask Rose, it is necessary to distil about 4000kg of petals ... it is a precious active ingredient!

With nearly 500 different active ingredients, Damask Rose is one of the most complex essential oils: it can be used in daily application diluted with many vegetable oils or mixed with your usual day cream.

Floral water or damask Rose Hydrolat

Renowned for its soothing and astringent virtues, Damask Rose hydrosol is the most widely used form in cosmetic compositions. Obtained by a distillation of rose petals, Damask Rose floral water is remarkable for its quality and active ingredients. Indeed, its promises are multiple and can be suitable for different skin types.

On the Sensitive Skins, it is refreshing, hydrating and soothing. For the epidermis dullest and devitalized, it is tonifying, it illuminates and it vivifies the complexion. For the mixed and oily skins, it is astringent and purifying; and finally on the mature skins, it has a tensor effect. Rich in anti-ageing assets, it also allows damaged cells to be visibly regenerated. In addition, its high concentration of essential fatty acids improves the hydrolipid barrier and its vitamin E content provides protection against free radicals.

l'hydrolat de rose de damas

Highlights of Damask Rose floral water
In addition to its multiple beauty benefits, we appreciate above all its composition. Indeed, when it is organic and untreated, when it is of good quality, the water and the plant are the only two components. The risks of allergy are then limited because there is no trace of essential oil.

At PATYKA, we have chosen Damask Rose Floral Water as a cosmetic active ingredient in its own right. Rich in antioxidants, Our Damask Rose is untreated and organically grown. so that it can retain all its benefits.

Damask rose: the PATYKA beauty routine for perfect skin

A firming mask to plump your skin

A powerful source of hydration, nutrition and enriched with plumping assets, the Intensive Moisturizing Mask is a care response to different skin problems : whether it is thirsty, torn or mature, this care is made for her.

 - Why do we love it? to its enveloping cocooning textureThe skin is immediately comfortable, supple and full of vitality.

With Damask Rose hydrolate as its first ingredient, this mask care is ideal for mature skin that lacks firmness. The hydrolate firms the skin thanks to its tensor effect, and linked to the active ingredients of Hexapeptide-11, it fights against tension wrinkles linked to daily stress and boosts your natural production of collagen and elastin.

Masque Hydratant Intense


A lotion to smooth and tone your skin

Although Damask rose floral water has its own beneficial properties, it becomes even more powerful when combined with other actives.

Lotion Lift Essentielle

The Essential Lifting Lotion is the proof: enriched with Damask Rose floral water, it combines 7 other natural and powerful active ingredients for visibly smoother skin. smoothed, toned and plumped up. Real collagen boosterWhen used daily, it moisturizes your epidermis and provides an immediate tensing effect.

 - Why do we love him? For its "primer" effect, which prepares the skin to receive the cares next ones while multiplying their action tenfold.

A serum to combat wrinkles

When it comes to your skin, external aggressors have no mercy: as you age skin begins to sag and fine lines and wrinkles appear. This leaves your skin sorely lacking radiance, firmness and elasticity. When it comes to your skin, external aggressors have no mercy: as you age skin begins to sag and fine lines and wrinkles appear. This leaves your skin sorely lacking radiance, firmness and elasticity.

has been developed in our Biotechnology Advanced Research programme Advanced Plumping Serum is one of our cares Bestseller. It instantly moisturizes your skin to make it more flexible and brighter.

- Why do we love him? Because Damask Rose floral water is combined with numerous anti-ageing active ingredients that protect the skin from free radicals and also reduce wrinkles and marked features. Your skin thus regains all its elasticity.


 advanced plumping serum

A cream to brighten your eye area

The eye area Is one of the most sensitive areas to the signs of aging: very thin and fragile, it sometimes needs a little help to regain all its radiance and youthfulness. Give him a facelift!

 The Youthful Lift Eye cream has been developed thanks to the expertise of our Advanced Research: with its complex of targeted smoothing active ingredients that reduce the appearance of your dark circles and puffiness, it also care helps to offer your eyes an instantly relaxing effect and exceptional anti-ageing effectiveness.

- Why do we love it? For its combination of the revitalizing power of Active Angelica Cells with the plant Retinol-Like, a powerful collagen booster, to reduce wrinkles around the eyes, firm the skin and revive its radiance.

By cutaneous way, in essence, in essential oil, in pure hydrolate or in cosmetic active ingredient, you now know all the uses and all the benefits of the Damask Rose to obtain a clearer, more supple, better protected and perfect skin all year round.


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