When some women express their desire to switch to organic and vegan cosmetics, it is necessary to guide them in their quest for a new beauty routine! Moving from conventional cosmetics to organic and vegan cosmetics is no easy task, but the most complicated part is probably knowing where to start. Discover all PATYKA's tips for taking action, and adopt organic and vegan cares without the risk of taking the wrong step!

What are organic, vegan beauty care products?

If you very often hear about organic cosmetics and vegan cosmetics and these terms seem very familiar to you, understanding them and deciphering their universe is actually less obvious! Organic and vegan cosmetics are often confused with so-called "natural" cosmetics. However, a cosmetic product based on natural active ingredients is not necessarily certified organicor vegan.

To qualify as organic and vegan, beauty care products have to meet very specific criteria: 


When a cosmetic product is certified organic

  • It must be made from natural raw materials from theOrganic farmingIn other words, it is produced in a way that respects the natural environment and does not contain any traces of synthetic chemical ingredients, GMOs or even pesticides. In other words, there is a clean sweep of components that can alter the good quality of the skin and the environment. Silicones, parabens, synthetic polymers, but also mineral oils and waxes are discarded to make way for components that allow the skin to breathe.

  • It has no Neither dyes nor synthetic fragrances.

  • It's packaged in recyclable, biodegradable packaging. 

When a cosmetic product is vegan

  • This means that it is free of components of animal origin and guarantees that no ingredients have been tested on animals.

If for some women, organic and vegan cosmetics are simply perceived as a fashion effect, for others, they are more akin to a real awareness and a new way of life. The key? Knowing how to choose the right products for your skin.




What's the best way to choose the right organic, vegan products?

For the more experienced among you, you can go to the INCI list(International Nomenclature Cosmetics Ingredients) which lists all the ingredients present in a cosmetic formula. To find it, it's not a wizard: it appears on the packaging of all cosmetic products . But unfortunately, it is not always easy to decipher, except for those who remember their Latin lessons!  

The second option is to refer to the main existing labels in France that certify that your care is organic and vegan! Again, these appear on the packaging of your products, and certify that the rules of manufacture and composition have been respected.

What about PATYKA?

PATYKA is one of the first cosmetic brands in the world to have been certified organic by Ecocert in 2003. All cares PATYKA respond to the Cosmebio Charter, they are composed at 95% minimum of ingredients of natural origin, 95% minimum of the plant ingredients of a product are organic, and at least 20% of the ingredients are derived from organic farming... All with 0% of GMOs, Parabens, PEG, silicones, phenoxyethanol, phthalates and synthetic dyes.

EcocertCosmétique Bio

100% Vegan, they are also made without any ingredients of animal origin (milk, eggs, honey and beehive products), except the Hydra-Soothing Moisturizer and the Intensive Hydra-Soothing Moisturizer which contain beeswax.




There are several reasons why many consumers have chosen to favour organic and vegan cosmetic products. The ingredients, their manufacturing process and their packaging are three factors that make their impact on the environment very limited: heavy and polluting chemicals are no longer used and the compositions have no harmful repercussions on fauna and flora .


But organic and vegan cosmetics are also better for the health and beauty of the skin. Formulated without chemical ingredients and without substances of animal origin, they are not occlusive, have no endocrine disruptors, and do not clog pores. By choosing natural, organic and animal-free ingredients, the final composition is closer to the components naturally present in the skin. In other words, they are more easily assimilated by our body!

To discover all the great reasons to choose organic, vegan cosmetics, explore our Organic Beauty Guide..

What inspired PATYKA to create organic, vegan cosmetics?

 To share sa unique vision of beautywhere ethics, aesthetics and excellence are inseparable.PATYKA Advanced Research has developed intelligent formulas capable of responding to the concerns of all skin types while respecting strict commitments.

At PATYKA, all the chemical and synthetic ingredients are replaced by natural and vegetable ingredients. For example, water, which is the first ingredient that usually appears first in the list of compositions in conventional cosmetics, is replaced by floral waters to bring even more benefits to the skin. It is therefore not uncommon to see the raspberry, barley or rose water of Damascus at the top of some compositions of cares PATYKA (as in The Advanced Plumping Serum or in The Youthful Lift Eye cream).

Mineral oils (paraffin, silicones, etc.) are systematically replaced with Vegetable Oils to the thousand virtues for the skin, like the jojoba oil found in l'Melting Cleansing Oil, Shea butter in the Double Action Smoothing Scrub, or even avocado oil in The Intensive Moisturizing Mask.

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Whether you have dry, combination, oily, normal or sensitive skin, or whether you are looking for anti-ageing, organic and effective active ingredients, there is necessarily the ultra-targeted care made for you in the PATYKA range.

The most : the sensoriality of textures and fragrances of cares PATYKA is just as pleasant as the conventional cosmetics you may be more used to, so they are easy to incorporate into your future beauty routine to make it organic and vegan!

Ready to take the plunge? Discover all PATYKA skin care adapted to your needs.