Solutions to moisturize dry skin

Learn to distinguish the specific needs of dry skins, the steps of an adapted routine and discover the beauty Ordinance PATYKA ideal to moisturize your epidermis best.

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There are several visible signs that may indicate that you have dry skin and form a definitive beauty diagnosis. Let's start at the beginning: dry skin does not secrete enough sebum to ensure the barrier function of the hydrolipidic film, which is effective in combating external aggressions. Whose fault is this? Mainly to insufficient or lazy sebaceous glands...

From then on, pollution, air conditioning, heat and UV rays, wind, oxidative stress are all aggressions that weaken your skin and cause the famous tightness that you are a daily victim of. They also frequently cause desquamation in dry skin: dead cells clog the stratum corneum, making the skin rough and dulling the complexion. The bad news? This type of skin is not a passing skin condition, but a constant condition over the years that changes with the seasons.

What does dry skin need? 

Dry skin’s needs seem obvious: you have to give it nutrients to compensate for its lack of sebum.

The assets to be searched are lipids of course, but also ceramides, moisturizing actives such as hyaluronic acid, emollient agents and also assets that boost cellular activity of the skin and The protect against skin ageing As the Vitamin E or even the Vitamin C.

These ingredients can be found in day creams, face oils, serums, but also in the gentleness of a make-up remover and facial cleanser if you practice it right, double-cleaning.

Dry or dehydrated skin?

peau déshydratée

It is often the case that one confuses dry skin and dehydrated skin. Yet it is important to learn to distinguish between the two. Yes, it is, the first one's low on fat.and therefore of fatty agents, whereas the second is sorely lacking in water. Obviously, it happens to combine these two problems: dehydration is a periodic skin condition that is grafted onto a permanent skin type. It is therefore not uncommon to see dry skin that is also dehydrated. Having lost its Lipid ShieldThe epidermis also suffers from a lack of water when it is over-stressed, as it is no longer able to retain water optimally. The skin is then visibly less bouncy.

All skin types (normal, dry, oily or combination), can be dehydrated at some point: a few days, a few weeks, depending on the season, ... 

A little tip if you are still in doubt: dry skin is often accompanied bya lack of sebum all over the body Dry hair, dry skin on legs, arms, knees etc... It is a general condition that makes us addicted to balms, oils, ointments and butters of all kinds. Feel free to do The test in this article to make sure you’ve got it clear!

The right beauty routine for dry, dehydrated skin

In order to take care from a skin that pulls and is malnourished, it is necessary to adopt a daily routine and whose sweetness will be the watchword...

The Cleansing is ideally done with oils, milks, to avoid the use of micellar water or make up remover wipes, too abrasive and irritating for dry skins.

Next, cap on the Layering (Application called "en Yarrow") consisting of the application of several fine layers of hydration and nutrition with quality vegetable oils, serums adapted to target the specific needs of a dry skin but also fight against the signs of age.

Also remember to apply a care Eye areaThis product is recommended for all skin types, but even more so for dry skin, as well asa cream rich in moisturizing agents.

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My dry skin beauty prescription

Thanks to Patyka's expertise - cares certified organic, without compromising on quality and pleasure of use - your skin will regain its suppleness and comfort.

ordonnance beauté CLEAN HYDRA

1- The Remarkable Cleansing Oil

    Ideal for removing traces of makeup and pollution, this cleansing oil enriched with Muscat rose and prickly pear extracts combines efficiency and hydration.

    The plus: the presence of vitamin E which helps the skin to strengthen its hydrolipidic film and improves water retention in the cells. 

    2- The Double Action Smoothing Scrub

    Dry skin means peeling skin... You have resigned yourself to having desquamations on the forehead, the wings of the nose, the contour of the mouth, especially in winter, but also during the changes of season. But it is not a fatality! A gentle exfoliation will help you regain skin that is smooth to the touch and boost its radiance. The Double Action Smoothing Body Scrub combines three gentle exfoliating active ingredients in onecare : it smoothes fine lines but also instantly brings radiance to your skin thanks to the Fruit Acids it contains.

    3- Soothing Milky Toner 

    Second step in our layering routine: the application of a tonic lotion! To remove the traces of limescale from the water after cleansing that cause a real feeling of tightness for dry skin, opt for an application of the Soothing Milky Lotion twice a day to soften the skin and prepare it to receive the cares next ones.

    Little tip: it is ideal for refreshing your skin after a shower!

    4- Hydra-Soothing Moisturizer

    This care nourishing facial moisturizer provides hydration and soothing while bringing intense comfort to even the driest skin, thanks to the presence of Mont Blanc Glacier Water and organic Mango Butter.

    For the most dehydrated skins, opt for a rich texture: the Rich Soothing Hydra Cream quenches and soothes dry, thirsty skin!

    5- Hydra-Booster Serum

      What's better than a serum to soothe and moisturize sensitized skin? Thanks to its concentration in Vegetable Bisabolol, the Hydra-Booster Serum is a real care SOS for skin lacking water, to be combined with a care night or day serum.

      6- The Repairing Night Elixir

        For visibly plumped skin in the morning, choose a 100% natural ultra-comforting serum that smoothes the skin and provides the fatty substances necessary to reinforce its protective barrier and suppleness. It is also the care anti-ageing serum par excellence to adopt from the first signs of aging: it stimulates the nightly process of cell renewal and boosts skin regeneration.  

        7 - The Intense Moisturizing Mask

        True care S.O.S, the Intense Moisturizing Mask is a powerful source of hydration and nutrition. Its high concentration of plumping and firming active ingredients relieves skin lacking nutrition. 

        Its formula naturally stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Dedicated to skin lacking water and oil, this mask repairs the skin barrier and reinforces the resistance of the epidermis to external aggressions.

        It is care ideal for helping the skin regain optimal moisture levels. It can be applied overnight as a first aid treatment or for 15 minutes weekly.

        souplesse confort et vitalité

        Does this routine appeal to you? Find the Soothing Milky Lotion, the Hydra Booster Serum and the Soothing Hydra Milky Cream as well as the Smoothing Scrub (travel size) in our Luminous Complexion Routine, available exclusively on our e-shop!

        With quality of life and a healthy lifestyle (remember to drink enough, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, temperature differences, etc.), you will be able to enjoy cares a good quality of life and a healthy lifestyle. ), your dry skin will regain its former suppleness, comfort and vitality. With a healthier skin, say goodbye to daily feelings of discomfort and tightness!