PATYKA has been committed to creating effective and healthy organic skincare products for all women since day one.

PATYKA helps the Foundation in providing financial, material and legal support to women in difficult situations.



PATYKA et la Fondation des Femmes



Under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the Women's Foundation is the first national fundraising structure dedicated to financing priority actions in support of women: financing of reception structures and emergency numbers, legal support, awareness-raising among young people, reconstruction workshops, etc.


The Women's Foundation finances associations dedicated to women's rights, their protection in the event of violence, their health, their economic development and professional equality.

Santé pour tous

In order to work for access to health for women in extremely precarious situations, the Women's Foundation uses donations to purchase medical and gynaecological equipment and to carry out tests and examinations for cervical cancer screening.

Une Femme un Toit

To support young girls who are victims of fire or violence, the Women's Foundation provides them with access to accommodation and social reintegration centres with the purchase of basic necessities (clothing, hygiene kits and temporary hotel accommodation).

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