The problems of oily skin

The specifics and problems of oily skin are numerous, but if we were to remember only one, it would be theexcess sebum ! Certainly, this is necessary for the proper functioning of the skin, sinceit helps to maintain the hydrolipidic film. which protects it, makes it supple and also maintains a good level of hydration in the cells. But when your sebaceous glands produce too much, the sebum becomes constricting.

Are you prone to shine mainly in the T-zone and on the rest of the face? Then your glands are probably out of order. Unlike combination skin, which only has shine on the T-zone, oily skin has shine all over the face, making it more prone to blemishes.

Why? Because overproduction of sebum ends up clogging pores, suffocating skin and blackheads and pimples appear at the slightest annoyance.

On oily skin, there are 4 types of skin imperfections:

- Open microcysts are blackheads. Their black color comes from the oxidation of sebum;

- Closed microcysts, which take the form of white pimples;

- Dilated pores, when the skin texture is not uniform;

- Acne, which can take the form of painful, swollen red pimples or white pimples that persist.

    The skin is thicker, more irregular, and that greasy film feeling has a hard time fading away permanently. Even if oily skins do not only have disadvantages (excess sebum in particular allows them to age less quickly), they are still skins that are often complicated to manage without an cares appropriate routine. 

    problématiques d'une peau grasse

    Adopt the right beauty routine when you have oily skin

    The gestures to banish when you have oily skin

    When the skin shines and keeps on producing sebum, we tend to believe that treating it with cares purifiers "recommended for oily skin" is the best solution to get rid of these skin problems ...

    And yet, the more oily skin is treated with irritating and aggressive products, the more sebum it will produce. Producing more sebum will indeed be the only way for the epidermis to defend itself against an unnatural cosmetic composition.

    Note that cares purifiers and strippers will dry out oily skin and sensitize it: while it certainly needs to be thoroughly cleansed, it also needs gentle cleansing. It is often mistakenly thought that oily skin is the most resistant and that it is capable of withstanding all treatments.

    However, despite their appearance, oily skins are sensitive skins that must be treated with non-occlusive compositions cares that respect their skin balance.

    As for the gestures, one should not confuse cleaning and stripping. Oily skin does not need to be scrubbed vigorously to be cleaned. It is by using gentle circular movements that you will be able to regulate its sebum production without drying and sensitizing it.

    gestes à bannir peau grasse

    Oily skin: watch out for abrasive and occlusive components

    Many cares for oily skin are actually too aggressive to be adopted into a daily beauty routine. Most of the time, we recognize them by their composition which tends to suffocate the skin, including :

    - Alcohol, peroxides or synthetic fragrances: despite their fresh effect on the skin giving it the sensation of being clearer, they attack, dry out and irritate the epidermis. PATYKA has chosen to use alcohol as a preservative in optimal concentration, not to dry the skin.

    - From petroleum derivatives and the occlusive agents such as silicones, mineral oils, paraffin, petroleum jelly... In addition to being very bad for the environment, they have no beneficial effect on the condition of oily skin. If they bring a smoothing and moisturizing effect to the epidermis, it is only on the surface: they form a film that prevents your skin from breathing properly. The result? Your pores become clogged, and they are blackheads and small buttons that appear.

    - Sulphated agents: they attack the lipids that constitute the natural barrier of the epidermis. On contact with them, the skin becomes dry and irritated, and dehydrated.

      At PATYKA, we have chosen to favour botanical active ingredients from Organic Agriculture and biotechnological active ingredients for their exceptional properties on all types of skin, even oily skin.

      All our preservatives and fragrances are natural or if they are synthetic, they are authorised by Ecocert and the Cosmébio Charter, so that all our compositions are well assimilated by the epidermis. To find out more about our know-how, discover our Organic Beauty Guide.

      Guide de la beauté bio

      Oily skin: the right ones cares to regulate it

      The first step is to adopt good daily hygiene with the help of cares organic faceand to practice as much as possible Double cleaning. This two-step clean-up, consisting of a make-up remover oil and a gentle cleansing foam, effectively dissolves the make-up and traces of pollution and dust that accumulate on the skin throughout the day.

      Contrary to popular belief, adopting a make-up remover oil when you have oily skin allows you to regain a healthy skin balance, especially if it is made from vegetable oils.

      Melting Cleansing Oil

      It consists of a trio of vegetable oils from organic farming and cold extracted (Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil), perfect for removing make-up and bacteria, calming inflammation and toning the skin. Then eliminate hydrophilic molecules (sweat, dust, etc.) and oxygenate your skin with a cleanser that respects your skin barrier.

      Detox cleansing foam

      It is sulfate-free and contains vitamins and trace elements thanks to its formula rich in Aloe Vera. It also contains Organic Moringa, an active ingredient that purifies the skin while protecting it from skin dryness.

      Then, remove impurities lodged in the pores with a rebalancing lotion.

      Balancing Purifying Lotion,

      In addition to being respectful of the skin's pH, it has an astringent action that regulates the epidermis while eliminating persistent imperfections. It is also ideal for gently exfoliating and accelerating skin regeneration. With it, the accumulation of sebum gradually diminishes.

      Finally, regulate your skin with a matifying moisturizing cream. If your oily skin glows from the middle of the day, this does not mean that it should be dried out at all costs, but that it needs to be moisturized differently.

      Le Fluide Mat Perfector

      By adopting thiscare, you ensure the hydration necessary for your oily skin without suffocating it. It regulates the production of sebum thanks to its organic Burdock Root active ingredient, while tightening the pores and smoothing the epidermis, without clogging it! Rich in Prebiotics and Natural Silica, it reinforces the hydrolipidic barrier and fights the bacteria that cause inflammation and acne. This will eventually regulate your oily skin daily.

      les gammes CLEAN et HYDRA

      Once a week, and especially for city skin, remember to cleanse your skin by applying a mask.

      The Detox Charcoal Mask 

      It has a detoxifying action that prevents the complexion from becoming dull at the slightest annoyance. Instantly, it removes the micro-particles of pollution that tend to asphyxiate the skin. Rich in Green Clay and Zinc, it purifies oily skin without dehydrating it further.

      Oily skin on a daily basis

      As with all skin types, a healthy lifestyle has a huge impact on the health of your oily skin. Remember to eat a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins.

      To regulate the excessive production of sebum, it is vitamin B6 which plays a major role, it is found in fatty fish, white meats and whole grains. The Vitamin Ais essential to help the skin regenerate; and the antioxidants present in omega-3 and Vitamin E protect it from the misdeeds of the Radicals.

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