"I'm a pharmacist with a degree in micronutrition and herbal medicine. I also specialize in food intolerances of the body and I treat my patients for digestive disorders, skin problems, diseases and overall health problems."

Valérie Espinasse


What is micronutrition?

"The micronutrition Is at the heart of my therapeutic approach: it is a question of favouring a diet micronutrient rich such as trace elements, vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, plant extracts and natural active ingredients. These micronutrients are essential for the proper functioning of the organism."

La micronutrition face aux problèmes cutanés


The solution to skin problems

An unbalanced diet can cause skin problems. Eating a healthy diet can soothe inflammation and restore balance and health to the skin.

During a consultation, Dr. Espinasse establishes the dietary diagnosis of his patients, thanks to a precise inventory of the food ingested, in order to detect the cause of the disturbances.

The main tips to apply in everyday life for a balanced diet, whatever your specific needs, are the following:

- Reduce foods that cause inflammation and skin problems: Dairy products, industrial and excess sugars, industrial, processed products that disrupt the intestinal microbiota.

- Favouring in his diet: fresh, unprocessed produce, fruits and vegetables rich in micronutrients

Did you know that? 

" Frozen, uncooked fruits and vegetables are a good alternative if fresh local produce is hard to come by. They are picked when ripe, retain a good supply of vitamins and nutrients, and make it possible to consume them regularly. »

L'alternative des fruits et légumes surgelés

 Diet according to skin type

It is important to adopt a specific diet according to the needs of certain skin typesto reduce or even prevent skin problems.

- Dry skin

Dry skins are characterized by a water scarcity. Therefore, it is important to stay hydrated and drink enough mineral water. The latter is to be preferred because it is rich in minerals as its name indicates, and will allow the absorption of water inside the cells and therefore a good cellular hydration that will be found at the skin level. "The normal daily ratio is 1.5L of water, evenly distributed throughout the day"

- Combination to oily skin

This complex skin type is prone to skin blemishes, requires a specific diet, in particular by avoiding excess industrial sugars and animal fats. Animal fats come from dairy products (cheese in particular), and fats contained in meats. It is therefore necessary to turn to natural sugars And limiting animal fats.


Eviter les sucres industriels et les graisses animales

How to adapt one's diet?

Food supplements

The use of dietary supplements can be extremely beneficial for the body, as well as for the skin and for skin quality. Indeed, our skin also reflects the health of our body.

The liver plays a vital role in eliminating toxins. If the device does not perform its function optimally, due to a malfunction or overload, it is the skin that ends up accumulating impurities. Yes, it is, "the skin is an organ of elimination that takes over behind the liver." explains Dr. Espinasse.

Thus the use of micronutrients such as plants, trace elements, fatty acids that can be found in food supplements, will have the virtue of to regenerate the intestinal flora, improve its quality, and reduce intestinal inflammation while ensuring its proper functioning.

Food supplements allow to integrate plants, amino acids, vitamins with a beneficial action on the liver detoxification function. They can help to improve it and thus having a beneficial action on the quality of the skin.

Adapt your nutrition to your lifestyle

Adopt a balanced dietA garden, rich in healthy food, can be a challenge when living in the city ... and for good reason, we don't all have a garden at our disposal!

Here are a few tips:

- Eat fresh products : preferably local, unprocessed and organic

- Use frozen products : when it is difficult to source fresh products locally, frozen products are a good alternative. It should be kept in mind that fresh products, when they are not locally sourced and are subject to heavy transport, are not picked at maturity, which drastically reduces their nutritional intake. It is also necessary to minimise the consumption of industrial products, which contain food additives that are harmful to health.

- Prepare your dishes in advance: Preparing a few meals in advance saves valuable time, avoiding the need to resort to the easy solution and to consume processed industrial products.

- To impose variety : buy 30 to 50% different products compared to previous races in order to vary your diet and your intake of vitamins and nutrients.


Adapter sa nutrition à son mode de vie

 Preconceived ideas about nutrition

Differentiating between different types of sugars...

Industrial sugars are to be banned: they increase the risk of diabetes, caries, cause skin damage (sugar molecules stick to the collagen fibres of the skin, which increases the appearance of wrinkles) and cause a real addiction. They are found in practically all industrial products.

Unlike industrial sugars, natural sugar, found in fruit or honey for example, is better ingested by the body and does not cause an insulin spike.

...and the different types of fat

If animal fat (such as cheese) is to be avoided, that's not the case with good fats., rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 such as vegetable oils, dried fruit or avocado which are beneficial for your figure and your skin.

What about cosmetics?

Favouring organic cosmetics

"My advice around cosmetics is really toadopt organic cosmetics, devoid of harmful substances such as parabens or chemical additives. These can have an impact on your health, as well as on your skin.

Because I give advice to my patients, because I have children, I have also included a routine with organic cosmetics for my skin.

It is also essential that these organic carescosmetics are effective.. My skin is very dry, and I need these products to perform, to restore comfort to my skin."

PATYKA skin care

"I've discovered the cult brand care L'Huile Absolue and I was conquered immediately, it nourishes intensely without leaving an oily finish on the skin. When I became interested To PATYKA values, I was thrilled to see that they were totally in line with my ethics: organic products, not tested on animals, and made in France. It's a real favorite: efficient and ethical cares ."

Huile Absolue PATYKA



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