Adopting a daily beauty routine helps to solve any problems. PATYKA is here to tell you how to take care of your skin every day.

A beauty routine for your skin’s specific needs

What’s your skin type?

Genes determine our skin type. Adopting a regular skincare routine can alleviate any problems caused by your skin type and will improve its appearance, day after day.


Normal skin is balanced skin. Neither dry nor oily, there’s an excellent balance between sebum and hydration. The skin isn’t sensitive and doesn’t show any blemishes. It feels soft and the complexion is even.


Dry skin produces less sebum than normal skin. This lack of lipids affects the skin’s hydrolipidic film, which forms a protective barrier against external damage. It is prone to discomfort, tightness, redness and itching. The pores are hardly visible and the skin lacks elasticity.


Oily skin is characterised by excessive sebum production. The skin looks shiny, the pores are enlarged and the skin is prone to blemishes: blackheads, spots, acne and scars.


Combination skin is particularly difficult to treat because it combines two skin types. It’s oily on the T-zone: forehead, nose, chin. Enlarged pores and blemishes may appear. The rest of the skin is dry, caused by a lack of sebum.

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Everyone’s skin is different

In addition to your skin type, you may have other issues with your skin. Our skin’s health can be affected by internal and environmental factors, lifestyle and signs of ageing. This can accentuate the specific problems of your skin type.


Sensitive skin is easily irritated. The skin barrier no longer protects the skin from external damage. Stress, hormones, hard water, UV rays, pollution, air conditioning and aggressive toiletries can all cause sensitive skin.


Reactive skin reacts immediately, but temporarily, to external factors (pollution, temperature changes, wind, etc.) and internal factors (stress, strong emotions, etc.). This visible reaction usually results in redness which fades quickly.


Dehydrated skin lacks water. Water hydrates, eliminates toxins and works with sebum to create the skin’s hydrolipidic film. Damage to the skin barrier can cause water in the skin’s tissue to evaporate. Contrary to popular belief, this problem affects all skin types.


Signs of ageing affect all skin types. Cell renewal becomes less regular after the age of 25.¹ The production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which keep the skin feeling firm, inevitably decreases. Wrinkles and fine lines appear, sometimes accompanied by pigment spots.


Pigment spots are localised hyperpigmentation of the skin. They are caused by skin ageing, repeated exposure to UV light without sun protection and excess melanin production. These brown spots result in an uneven skin tone.


Inset: Diagnose your skin for the perfect skincare routine

You need to understand your skin to take good care of it. Can’t find the right routine for your skin problems? PATYKA has a tool to diagnose your skin which will help you to understand your skin type.

The right everyday routine for healthy skin

Clean, oxygenated skin with double cleansing

Step 1: initial cleansing

This gently removes even stubborn make-up, sun cream, excess sebum and impurities which have accumulated throughout the day.

The Remarkable Cleansing oil is a formula enriched with anti-ageing and antioxidant ingredients including muscat rose oil, prickly pear extract and vitamin E. It removes all types of make-up while preventing the signs of ageing for soft, smooth and supple skin.  


Step 2: in-depth cleansing

No more aggressive and abrasive products! To complete the cleansing process, opt for a gentle, purifying cleanser.

The Cleansing Perfecting Foam deeply cleanses and oxygenates the skin. Enriched with natural fruit acids, its formula provides a gentle peel to activate cell renewal and refine the skin’s texture. 

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Activate the skin’s microcirculation and exfoliate with a scrub

Use a gentle scrub every week to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliation activates the skin’s microcirculation and combats the signs of ageing. It improves the skin’s absorption of active ingredients, making your skincare more effective.


The Double Action Smoothing Scrub is a multi-purpose product with anti-ageing, smoothing, exfoliating and softening properties. Its natural complex with 5 fruit acids (AHA) stimulates cell renewal. Enriched with bamboo stalk powder, which works to tackle blemishes, and jojoba oil, it nourishes the skin, smooths wrinkles and evens out the complexion.

Use powerful active ingredients with a targeted mask

In addition to exfoliation, face masks are formulated to treat problems with targeted active ingredients. Choose the right targeted action for your skin type and apply it once a week for healthy skin.


The Intensive Moisturising Mask is packed with plumping and firming active ingredients for a radiant complexion and smooth, plump skin. Its formula is enriched with hexapeptide-11 and naturally stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Created for dry and dehydrated skin, it moisturises, deeply nourishes and repairs the skin barrier.

The Detox Charcoal Mask tackles impurities and reduces visible marks. Its unique formula, made with plant-derived activated charcoal, green clay and zinc, absorbs excess sebum, clarifies the complexion and cleanses the skin without drying it out.


The Pro-Collagen Lift Mask is packed with anti-ageing active ingredients to reduce wrinkles and firm the skin. Amino acids, Vitamin C and low molecular weight pure plant-derived hyaluronic acid boost the skin with their hydrating, stimulating and lifting properties. Vigna aconitifolia, a 100% natural retinol-like active ingredient, improves the quality of the skin.

Moisturise and nourish the skin to strengthen the skin barrier

Choose your moisturiser based on your skin type. Available in a light version for combination and oily skin and in a rich version for dry skin, it should be applied after your serum to strengthen the skin barrier while improving the skin’s texture.


The Multi-Protection Radiance Cream protects normal and combination skin. Its formula with brown algae oligosaccharide acts as a barrier against pollution. The marine bio-complex boosts cell renewal and refines the skin’s texture. Pure plant-derived hyaluronic acid provides intense moisture. White horehound regulates the production of sebum and smooths and refines the skin’s texture. The rich version of the Multi-Protection Radiance Cream is enriched with shea butter to intensely nourish the skin and restore its radiance.


The Youth Remodeling Cream smooths wrinkles and firms the skin.  Its exclusive natural formula combines 8 anti-ageing active ingredients and 3 molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to effectively correct the signs of ageing, smooth the skin and moisturise intensely. It is available in three different versions (universal for normal skin, rich for dry skin and fine for combination skin) to suit all skin types.

Inset: Protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun

UV rays accelerate the skin’s ageing. Protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays by using a 




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