What is a combination skin?

Although combination skin is nothing if not complicated, there are several general types:

- Combination skin with an oily tendency, whose symptoms are the shine on the T-zone, blemishes and acne. The solution here is to regularize the production of sebum.

- Combination skin with a tendency to dryness, they have dilated pores and dry cheeks, they need to retain hydration at the skin level.

- Combination skin with sensitive tendencies, redness, tingling and tightness are their daily lot, the hydrolipidic barrier is understood and no longer manages to regulate itself naturally.

The same goal applies for each of these different types: retain moisture in the epidermis while stabilising and regulating sebum production.

It is also necessary to sanitize and purify the skin, whose hydrolipidic barrier is compromised, to prevent the development of microorganisms that cause imperfections.

Lotion Purifiante pour équilibrer la peau

1. A purifying lotion, the first step to balanced skin

The application of the Balancing purifying Lotion removes impurities from the skin that have become lodged in the pores. By rebalancing the skin, it refines its texture, thanks to its astringent action that tightens the pores and makes imperfections disappear.

Respectful of the pH of the facial skin, this lotion helps to strengthen the skin's hydrolipidic film. Highly concentrated in Sweet Mint Floral Water, this lotion immediately penetrates the skin and allows a better absorption of the active ingredients contained in the following products.

The skin instantly regains the moisture it needs, while providing a purifying and preventive action due to the presence of Prebiotics in its formula.

Lotion Purifiante Equilibrante

Gentle exfoliation: the best way to speed up skin regeneration

It is important for combination skin to gently exfoliate to boost cell regeneration, remove scars and unclog pores from the accumulation of sebum and dead cells.

THESalicylic acid present in the Balancing purifying Lotion Allows you to respond to this need. By attenuating skin marks, it helps to stimulate cell renewal, which makes the skin smooth and soothed.

Without overwrapping cardboard, varnish or dye opaque, the Balancing purifying Lotion is in PET 100% recyclable, which can be recycled up to 7 times!

Fluide Mat Perfecteur

2. Le Fluide Mat Perfecteur, a regulated sebum production

After this application, it is the turn of the Matte Perfecting Fluid to come to perfect the routine of mixed skins. Its action is double because it allows tomoisturize the epidermis By maintaining this hydration in the deep layers, while rebalancing it. In fact, the fluid regulates the production of sebum, thanks to the Organic burdock root. This root with astringent virtues makes it possible to close the pores and to smooth the skin while providing a soothing action.

It is necessary for combination skin, like any other skin type, to moisturize. The fact that the skin shines does not in any way mean that it is in a state of excess hydration. and that it must be dried out at all costs. Quite the contrary, relearn how to moisturize your skin with a facial cream adapted can be the first step towards the end of glosses and imperfections.

Production de Sébum Régulée

Prebiotics: the long-term ingredient

What differentiates the Matte Perfecting Fluid of other matifiants is that it contains Prebiotics, which rebalance the Skin Flora To beautify the skin and treat it in the long run. Imperfections are gradually disappearing as the Hydrolipid Barrier is reinforced.

Once its effectiveness has been restored, it once again manages to fight the undesirable bacteria that cause inflammation and acne. Finally, its concentration in Natural silica stimulates the production of collagen, which accelerates the cycles of skin renewal.

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Masque Charbon Détox

3. Detoxify with the Detox Charcoal Mask

From the point of view of the routine of care , the application of a purifying mask on a weekly basis makes it possible to purify and cleanse the skin in depth.

The Detox Charcoal Mask Has a Detoxifying actionIt absorbs toxins and other impurities accumulated on the face throughout the day. For urban women, it is an excellent way to get rid of a dull complexion by removing the micro-particles of pollution that asphyxiate the skin.

Green Clay is an essential ingredient for combination skin, it is decongestant but also healing and regenerating. Thus, it treats both established imperfections and the marks left by past imperfections.

The concentration of zinc due Detox Charcoal Mask prevents the skin from oxidizing by providing it with the necessary trace elements. Zinc specifically attacks the bacteria that cause blemishes and inflammatory reactions. Thus, the skin is purified without being dehydrated.

In order to solve the problems of combination skin over the long term, it is also important to look at the other elements of our daily lives.


Things you can do day-to-day for purified skin


Of course you do, the make-up removal and cleaning stage is crucial. Removing makeup perfectly, then cleaning your skin without compromising the balance of the Hydrolipidic film is not a small matter! Be sure to opt for a face cleanser with a pH of less than 5.5 and to move away from all Occlusive ingredients that will clog your pores such as mineral oils or silicones. Also prefer a natural make-up remover oil, such as theOil Cleansing Eclairwith micellar water and wipes.

Live a healthy, balanced lifestyle

You have always heard it and we will never repeat it enough, but thehygiene of life has a huge impact on the appearance of your skin. A healthy and balanced dieta Water consumption Between 1.5 and 2l per day will reflect directly on the brightness of your face. Avoid the stress, which disrupts and imbalances the hydrolipid barrier of your skin. Take time for yourself, think about limiting your consumption of alcohol and tobacco and try to have complete and restorative nights of sleep.

With all this advice mixed to oily skins should regain the balance! 

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