We hear it very often: prevention is better than cure, and even more so when it comes to the signs of skin aging. Over time, wrinkles and fine lines have taken their place on your face. And even though we've learned to be kind to our signs of aging, we all want to preserve the youthfulness of our skin to look younger for longer.

Discover the anti-ageing gestures of PATYKA Advanced Research to keep your skin young despite the passage of time.

Understanding your own signs of aging helps keep your skin looking young

Although age is not the only criterion responsible for the appearance of wrinkles, it is nevertheless necessary to adopt an care anti-ageing treatment as soon as your skin seems to express the need for it, even at the age of 25. Women are not equal when it comes to the appearance of the first wrinkles, and these can appear at any age.  

Besides age, there are many external factors that cause wrinkles to appear: overexposure to sunlight, pollution, oxidative stress and even an unhealthy beauty routine can trigger acceleration of the skin's aging process.

To understand the appearance of these signs of aging, it is important to distinguish between wrinkles and fine lines, depending on one's age and the areas of the face where they are located. In fact, targeting the areas where the effects of skin aging are felt is also essential because it allows you to find the cosmetic products your skin really needs: eye care contour, care fillers or care for deeper wrinkles, etc.

The mission of these cares anti-ageing products is to preserve your youthfulness and restore the skin's vitality.

anti-âge : vitalité et jeunesse de l'épiderme


Mitigating the signs of age: an individualized beauty routine

Wrinkles at Age 25

At 25 years it is a fact: the skin loses in elasticity and the cutaneous loosening is felt. For most women, one of the first signs of premature ageing appears: these are fine lines.

Fine lines are like small wrinkles but they are clearly less profound They appear on the skin relatively early, but don't always signify premature aging: most of the time they result from a lack of moisture. Lack of hydration. Their favorite area? 

The eye contour

This is an area that tends to mark very quickly since it is where the skin is the thinnest and most fragile.

Although it is essential to remove make-up and cleanse your skin every day - both in the morning and at bedtime - to keep its radiance, it is also advisable to adopt an care eye contour suitable for dehydrated skin and anti-ageing action, from the age of 25. 

Youthful Lift Eye Cream is ideal for taking care of the demanding area of the eye contour. Thanks to its complex of targeted smoothing assets developed by PATYKA advanced search, dark circles and pockets are visibly reduced.



His superpower? The MICROCAPS Complex, which ensures optimal penetration and long-lasting diffusion of the active ingredients in all layers of the skin. In addition to filling in the most marked fine lines and wrinkles, the Eye Youth Cream boosts good cell renewal thanks to Beetroot Polysaccharides that boost blood microcirculation. Instantaneous reviving effect!

The First Expression Lines at Age 30

Although they are above all the reflection and fruit of our emotions and they bear witness to certain moments in our lives, expression lines are rarely appreciated. The first to appear on your face are frown lines and crow's feet, while fine lines gradually turn into deeper wrinkles. The goal at 30? To delay the appearance and evolution of wrinkles as much as possible, by adopting an care anti-ageing treatment adapted to your skin type.

It is essential to anticipate and adopt as early as possible the right reflexes to prevent wrinkles. 



In the morning, correct the signs of time with the Lift & Glow Firming Cream available in two textures (rich, or universal). Expert in Biotechnology, PATYKA Advanced Research combines the life-giving power of Angelica with the anti-ageing power of Vegetal Retinol-Like to act on wrinkles, loss of firmness and radiance.

In the evening, choose an ultra-comforting texture to stimulate the cell regeneration process during the night.

The Huile Absolue, the care best-seller multi-function PATYKA is a 100% natural serum, concentrated in 12 essential and vegetable oils, with regenerating and antioxidant virtues. This unique radiance stimulator brings Tone And Nutrition to your epidermis. When you wake up, your skin has regained all its vitality!

The Elixir Night Serumis an exceptional care specially designed to meet the specific needs of thecares be devitalized mature skins. Rich in Rose Hip Oil, it Stimulates skin renewal and the production of collagen and elastin.. Night after night, the skin is illuminated, restructured and prepared to face the next day.

Established Wrinkles Starting at Age 50

Installed wrinkles usually appear around the age of 50: no matter your exact age, no woman will escape them! If it is imperative to always use an care anti-ageing product, we think about choosing a special one for deep wrinkles. But it is also essential to adopt an care anti-ultraviolet rays, in order to prevent the skin from marking more. If you've been celebrating carefree at the age of 30, twenty years later your skin is having a hard time recovering: you should therefore think about adapting your lifestyle while remaining indulgent towards yourself.

Rides installées

On a daily basis, we choose a targeted anti-aging beauty routinein order to accompany his skin as well as possible despite the years.

Remove all traces of makeup with our the Remarkable Cleansing Oil, rich in anti-ageing assets, clean your epidermis while refining your skin texture and smoothing your wrinkles with Cleansing Perfecting Foam : Its formula with natural plant assets revives theits glow Dull and tired skins. To boost the natural collagen of the epidermis, then apply Essential Lifting Lotionan anti-aging lotion fortified with 7 natural ingredients that moisturize, smooth and firm the skin while preparing it for the next step in your beauty care regime.

To complete this anti-ageing beauty routine, adopt Advanced Plumping Serum.cares your ideal ally to respond to the needs of hydration as well as the lack of radiance, firmness and elasticity of the skin. After application, the features are smoothed and the skin regains its suppleness. As for wrinkles, they are filled in... enough to give yourself a second youthfulness!

Our Youth BoxThis limited edition contains a complete anti-aging routine for mature, devitalized skin that wants to be plumped up. 

To further slow the signs of aging, read our dossier on the power of antioxidants to slow down skin aging !

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