What is facial redness?  

As its name suggests, facial redness occurs when your face takes on a color that can go from bright red to a bluish red. Although it's most commonly seen in people with fair skin, its causes are very complex and can vary according to numerous criteria.

Like most skin problems, facial redness appears on localized areas: the nose, cheeks, chin, forehead; but can also spread over the entire face in the most extreme cases.

Depending on its origin, facial redness can be temporary: it is a sign of skin sensitivity and lasts only for a few moments or even a few days. It is a "condition" of the epidermis. But it can also last for weeks and months if not properly treated.

Identifying your facial redness

Reactive skin: it’s caused by your blood vessels

When redness appears on your face, it's all about your blood vessels. Flushing is the simplest and most common reaction of the skin, even if it is sometimes embarrassing. When redness rises to the cheeks, blood is flowing down the face, indicating that the blood vessels are overactive. Indeed, the sudden redness is due to a dilation of the blood vessels of the skin, at the level of the dermis, located under the epidermis.

identifier les rougeurs sur le visage

Redness can be the body's automatic response to a strong emotion (shyness, anger, stress, etc.), but it can also occur during a variety of everyday events:

- Physical activity ;

- Consumption ofalcohol or from spicy food,

- Exposure of the skin to Temperatures excessively high (sun, sauna, shower or bath with excessive water temperature, ...)

- Allergic reaction (cosmetic or skin reaction to a drug),

- Gusts of heat (especially during menopause),

- THEheredity Redness: redness can appear in people with so-called "vaso-reactive" skin, which can be hereditary,

- The Skin Aging : from the age of 25 years, the skin is more susceptible to redness.

    If you are suffering from redness on the face or flushing during these situations, then this is a normal response from your body and these do not testify to a skin disease.

    But facial redness can be accompanied by other symptoms: swelling, sensation of heat, itching, lesions... and depending on their degree of importance, it is necessary to take them into consideration because they can be a sign of a more important skin problem such as rosacea, couperose or even erythrosis.

    Rosacea, erythrosis and rosacea: the hyper-reactivity of skin vessels

    When redness looks like patches on the face and is increasingly difficult to hide, then it means you have a skin condition called erythrosis, rosacea or rosacea.

    Their symptoms are the same, only their stages are different (erythrosis is the stage where the redness is diffuse, rosacea causes small vessels to appear, and rosacea is often accompanied by pimples and bumps).

    hyper-réactivité des vaisseaux cutanés

    Each is characterised by the appearance of more or less intense redness, permanent or intermittent on localized areas of the face. These are the areas that turn red, due to excessive dilation of the small veins superficial facial features.

    They're called blood capillaries. Indeed, the skin is nourished with blood capillaries, they are real highways for nutrients! They bring to the skin the oxygen necessary for its good health but also for its beauty. They are very fragile and very sensitive to external aggressions.

    When the capillaries are dilated, the skin becomes fragile and lacks vitality. On the face, it is not uncommon for them to be in direct contact with the air and sudden temperature variations cause them to dilate and cause the appearance of rosacea and redness.

    These skin problems mostly affect women with fair and fragile skin, and appear at any age. Most of the time, facial redness linked to these skin diseases concerns women who have a predisposed genetic terrain that is accentuated by the environment in which they evolve.

    Treating hyper-reactivity of the skin

    When the skin is prone to rosacea, erythrosis or couperose, one of the most effective solutions is laser treatment. It acts directly on the small veins and makes the symptoms disappear under the action of heat.

    Obviously, this is also the most painful solution, and a single session will not be effective enough to make rosacea or couperose disappear completely. Depending on the condition of your skin, 3 to 8 sessions will be recommended, with a two-week interval between the first three sessions.

    traiter l'hyper-réactivité de la peau

    Laser treatment is only recommended for people with an advanced stage of hyperreactivity of the blood vessels.

    If your redness is diffuse and you wish to reduce it, more natural solutions exist. To neutralize the redness of the most reactive skins, many active ingredients adapted to sensitive skins can be found in dermocosmetics, as long as you adapt your beauty routine!

    Solutions to diminish facial redness

    Solutions to diminish facial redness

    To strengthen its skin barrier without sensitizing it, it is essential to adopt the necessary beauty gestures to have a healthy skin, resplendent and redness attenuated.

    PATYKA'cares s new Advanced Research ranges have been developed around nine cares ethical, certified organic and effective products to meet the needs of all skin types, even those prone to redness.

    atténuer les rougeurs sur le visage


    Double cleansing for reactive skin

    Directly inherited from Japanese beauty rituals, the Double cleaning Releases skin from makeup and impurities in three key steps. Thanks to these new cares , PATYKA transforms the makeup into a true sensory experience at theincredible efficiency. Their delicate and gentle formulas soothe the most reactive skins.

    Enriched in Vegetable Oils (Organic Sunflower, Organic Jojoba and Organic Apricot Kernels), Melting Cleansing Oil effectively dissolves make-up and brings its antioxidant, regenerating, protective and softening properties to your skin.

    double nettoyage

    Directly after using Melting Cleansing Oil Detox Cleansing Foam with your fingertips...

    Sensitive and reddish-prone skin is now also entitled to cleansing with water thanks to the detoxifying action of Organic Moringa: this active ingredient is rich in Vitamin B3 which strengthens the skin to protect it from external irritating factors and climatic variations. Its soap-free formula and its ultra-creamy texture allow to cleanse the skin while perfectly respecting its balance.

    Finally, bring comfort, hydration and radiance to your skin prone to redness with Soothing Milky Toner, enriched in Organic Aloe Vera and softening properties.

    It frees the skin from limescale, the number 1 enemy of reactive urban skin, and soothes it thanks to the calming properties of Organic Mallow, due to its high mucilage content (a plant substance with a softening and emollient action that swells on contact with water).

    It is particularly used in case of inflammatory skin problems; it is therefore ideal for skin prone to redness and itching.

    Gamme CLEAN


    Active ingredients that protect reactive skin from facial redness

    After adapting your cleaning routine care and adopting the gentle double clean, hydration is paramount. Wind, pollution, sun, air-conditioning, etc., are causing the hydrolipidic film and the skin loses about 20% of its water per day, making it more sensitive and fragile. Bringing an extra hydration resource to your skin with the help of a anti-redness cream is an essential gesture. Favouring the active ingredients that you put on your reactive skin is also essential.

    les actifs pour une peau avec des rougeurs

    The Hydra-Booster Serum is enriched in Pure and vegetal hyaluronic acid, an ultra-thirst-saving asset (discover Our special dossier dedicated to this repulping molecule) but also in Tremellaan Asian fungus that keeps water in the cells.

    The water of the Mont-Blanc Glacier quenches the skin's thirst and provides it with mineral salts and essential trace elements. Finally, vegetable Bisabolol protects sensitive skin.

    Deeply moisturized, the skin regains all its radiance and is visibly protected against the aggressions that tend to accentuate redness.

    Then focus on a moisturizer that limits the insensitive water loss and will bring an additional source of hydration to your skin. The Hydra-Soothing Moisturizer perfectly suited to normal skins in search of softness and smoothness, thanks to its silky and fresh texture rich in Glacier Water of Mont-Blanc thirst and Vegetal Ceramides that prevent dehydration.

    As for the Intensive Hydra-Soothing Moisturizer, it will be suitable for driest skinsby providing them with the comfort they need: enriched with Mango butter, both nourishing and softening, it leaves no greasy finish on the skin.
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    Gamme HYDRA


    Adopt the right daily habits:

    - Apply daily anti-rednesscares moisturizers, or choose vegetable oils that activate venous circulation, such as Hemp vegetable oil. Choose organic and preservative-free. Hemp Oil decongests, repairs and purifies the skin deep down. Very rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, it is ideal for soothing reactive skin.

    - Watch what you eat by limiting alcohol and spicy foods.

    - Protect yourself from climatic variations by avoiding untimely temperature changes (hot/cold) and use cares with a sun filter as soon as the sun appears (even in winter!).

    - Finally, if your redness persists and gives you a hard time, don't hesitate to consult a dermatologist who will be able to advise you and recommend the treatment best suited to your skin and lifestyle.


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