The benefits of a facial scrub

The scrub is one care that contains exfoliating beads or enzymatic active ingredients capable of unclogging pores, eliminating dead cells and removing impurities from the surface of the epidermis.

While many women are aware of the benefits of double facial cleansing (oil make-up removal - water cleansing - lotion application), facial scrubbing is very often forgotten. However, a weekly exfoliation can do wonders for your skin.

In fact, exfoliation has multiple benefits: it instantly refines skin texture, restoring radiance and luminosity to the complexion. In the long term, it has an indirect effect a little less known: it stimulates cell renewal and promotes the effectiveness of cosmetic active ingredients in your cares daily life. The skin is thus better oxygenated and better nourished.

Scrubbing is also an excellent ally for those who like to bask in the sun, since it allows, during or after the summer, to obtain an even tan that lasts longer.

Different types of facial scrub

Like masksFacial scrubs come in many forms and are now suitable for all skin types and needs.

les types de gommage visage

Mechanical scrub or grain scrub

As its name suggests, this classic scrub has a grainy formula found in most exfoliating products. The grains can be derived from synthetic agents or natural agents (nutshell fruit peels, fruit pulp, plant pulp, etc.).

The mechanical scrub is suitable for all skin types, even if it is to be used with vigilance on sensitive skins, which are likely to irritate if the composition is too abrasive. This is why today there is a wide choice of mechanical scrub, with different textures (fine grains, small quantity ) and softer compositions to meet the needs of the most delicate skins.

The acid scrub

Acid scrub is a chemical scrub inspired by the professional methods found in dermatology. This time, instead of eliminating dead cells and impurities by mechanical gestures, it eliminates them by desquamation.

The Acids used are AHA and the BHAand are most often derived from fruit acids or organic compounds. Ultra-targeted, these acidic agents can be chosen according to skin type and are dosed to produce the desired exfoliation while minimizing the risk of skin irritation. With AHA and BHA acids, there is no rubbing of grains on the skin: the only exfoliating action comes from the acids. It is the ideal exfoliation for the epidermis looking for radiance.

le gommage acide

The various acids mainly used are:

- Glycolic Acid (AHA), derived from sugar cane but it can also be synthesized. It is the acid most often used on mature skin, as it has an optimal anti-ageing action.

- Lactic Acid (AHA) is produced by the fermentation of milk, but can also be found in several fruits or synthetically. Lactic Acid is most often used for skin lacking radiance, and also acts on pigmentation spots.

- THESalicylic acid (BHA) that comes from the Willow but can also be synthesized. It is mainly used to treat oily skin and skin prone to imperfections. Its Exfoliating action is also purifying and anti-inflammatory, and its lipophilic capacity (soluble in oils) allows it to be formidable on comedones and microcysts!

    Enzymatic Scrubs

    The enzymaticscrub, like the acid scrub, is also a chemical scrub whose Exfoliating agents are derived from the enzymes of the fruits, called also proteases, which allow to eliminate dead skin.

    Similar to acid scrubs, the enzymatic scrub is grain-free and the plant enzymes it contains are very well tolerated by the epidermis, even by more sensitive skins. It is slightly softer than the exfoliation with AHA and BHA.  

    How often should you exfoliate your skin?

    Your skin does not need to be exfoliated too often: too frequent exfoliation can damage the hydrolipidic film that protects it. Although it is recommended for oily and combination skin to exfoliate up to 2 times a week, normal skin can be exfoliated once a week.

    As for dry and sensitive skins, they will opt for a frequency of one exfoliation every 10 days. Note that the daily application of a dehydrated skin cream is indispensable!

    An overly aggressive or too frequent exfoliation would produce the opposite effect: overproduction of sebum, irritation or skin dryness.

    A quelle fréquence exfolier sa peau

    Choosing the right scrub

    To ensure that the exfoliation is effective and that your skin does not become more sensitive, choose the exfoliation adapted to its nature. Whether mechanical or chemical, the exfoliation must sublimate the natural purity of the complexion while respecting your skin. An exfoliation that is as delicate as it is effective is therefore possible.

    To do this, opt for scrubs with creamy textures to bring more comfort to your skin, and choose the ultra-concentrated active ingredients with proven effectiveness, Certified Organic, cruelty-free and Vegan.

    Make new skin with PATYKA's double action smoothing scrub

    No more dull complexion, irregular skin texture and fatigue marks with The Double Action Smoothing Scrub. True care multifunction, to be used as an enzyme mask to be left on or as a mechanical scrub to be massaged onto the skin, it stimulates the Cellular renewal and preserves the youthful and supple skin.

    This gumming mask combines in one care smoothing, Exfoliating and softening anti-ageing action. Its creamy formula provides the comfort of a mask and the gentle exfoliation of a scrub to refine the skin texture, illuminate the complexion, blur pigment defects and visibly smooth wrinkles and fine lines.

    Its biological assets leave the epidermis toned and regenerated. The skin recovers its supple and velvety finish.

    - Jojoba Wax Microspheres: exfoliate and remove dead cells while improving the skin's resistance.

    - Natural Complex with 5 Fruit Acids (AHA): it offers a gentle peeling, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin - two elements that provide the skin with tone and elasticity.

    - Bamboo Powder: gentle and natural exfoliator, it exfoliates imperfections and smoothes the skin.

    - Jojoba oil: anti-inflammatory, this protective oil creates a non-oily film that preserves the skin's natural moisture, fights against external aggressions and regulates sebum production.

    - Damask rose floral water: refreshing, moisturizing, soothing, invigorating, astringent and purifying hydrolate, brightens the complexion, refines and invigorates the skin texture. Discover all its benefits in our dedicated article.


    Gommage Lissant Double Action

    Apply PATYKA's double action smoothing scrub

    Two applications are possible:

    Instant burst and anti-ageing effect

    On a clean, moist face, apply a thin layer of double action smoothing scrub in a thin layer. Leave to pose for 2 minutes, then rinse.

    Perfecting and regenerative action

    Reproduce the above steps, then, at the end of the pose, erase by small circular motions with the pulp of the fingers taking care to maintain skin tissues. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

    Use 1-2 times per week.


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