How do pigment spots appear?

The formation of pigments in the skin

First, it is important to understand the pigmentation process to treat these brown spots effectively. The latter are the result of a overproduction and irregular distribution of melanin natural pigment made by melanocytes. Melanin gives the skin its colour. It is responsible for your pretty tanned complexion when the sun comes out. It also acts as a shield against the sun's rays by multiplying and producing more melanin to protect the skin.

Formation des pigments dans la peau

But melanocytes, cells located at the base of the epidermis, are fragile and easily disrupted: for example, in the event of intense exposure to UV rays, stress or hormonal upheaval. These disruptions induce hyperstimulation of the melanocytes, which then produce too much melanin. When too much melanin is produced, the skin cells are no longer able to defend themselves against free radicals and this encourages the appearance of pigmentation spots.

The different types of pigment spots

Often less dark than a mole, the pigment spot is variable in shape, irregular in shape and can spread and turn brown over several centimetres.

The spot also evolves in different stages according to the importance of the pigment disorder:

- The incipient dark spot appears when the melanocytes are over-stimulated.producing too much melanin that rises to the surface of the epidermis. It can be seen that the complexion is no longer as homogeneous in some areas, although the stain is invisible to the naked eye.

- The installed dark spot appears when the excess melanin reaches the upper layers of the epidermis.. Dark spots gradually set in and become visible.

- The recurring dark spos indicates that the environment of the pigment cells is disturbed. The dark spot reappears at any time, even after it has been removed from the surface.

    taches pigmentaires

    What are the main causes of brown spots?

    Although pigmentation disorders affect a good number of women, certain factors can encourage the formation of these skin imperfections:

    - Repeated and prolonged exposure to the sun promote the appearance of solar lentigos. This is the main cause of hyperpigmentation.

    - The use of photo-sensitizing products Perfumes, hormonal or medicinal treatments.

    - Hormonal change related to pregnancy in some cases reveals what is called "the pregnancy mask".

    - Too frequent and aggressive exfoliation can cause skin inflammation.

    - Age slows down the natural renewal of cells, leading to the appearance of "age spots".

    - Post-inflammatory scars, following an acne pimple, a scar or certain dermatological problems such as eczema. The skin darkens and discolours after the wound has healed.


      Complete your beauty routine with an anti-dark spots serum

      Even if they are harmless and superficial, brown spots are an aesthetic problem that all women want to correct. Don't worry, this pigmentary disorder is not inevitable and there are many solutions to remedy it.

      Before opting for radical and heavy treatments such as laser, cryotherapy or chemical peeling, you can turn to cosmetics with targeted and adapted formulas to treat dark spots. These non-aggressive products respect your skin and significantly improve irregularities related to hyperpigmentation.

      anti dark spot serum

      To regain a unified and radiant complexion, an anti-dark spots facial serum is your best asset. Thanks to its ultra-concentrated and intensive active ingredients, it penetrates the different layers of the epidermis to target this specific problem.

      To correct and prevent the appearance of spots, choose a serum rich in antioxidants and exfoliating active ingredients whose formula will control and inhibit the production of melanin.

      Moisturizing cream and anti-darks spot serum: the shock duo.

      To maximize the results of the anti-dark spots serum, combine it with a moisturizing and nourishing cream. It will act as a skin shield against daily aggressions and free radicals. The serum acts in depth to correct and significantly reduce the size of the spots.

      The combination of the two only benefits your skin: it is moisturized, the skin texture is smoothed and luminous and the brown spots are blurred.

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      The Dark Spot Correcting Serumbenefits of PATYKA

      Based on PATYKA's Advanced Research, the Dark Spot Correcting Serum is dedicated to the beauty of women subject to hyperpigmentation. This 3-in-1 carelightener prevents irregularities, and regulates melanin production without aggression or depigmentation of the skin. Thanks to its high concentration of antioxidant and exfoliating biological active ingredients, it stimulates cell renewal in order to correct tasks already installed. It is therefore an ally of choice in your quest for a smoother, more even complexion.

      Sérum Correcteur Anti-Taches


      Ultra sensory, its creamy gel-cream texture penetrates quickly and leaves the skin velvety and delicately scented. In addition, its formula corresponds to young and mature skin and preserves the sensitivity of fragile skin.

      The assets of the Dark Spot Correcting SerumPATYKA

      Enriched with ultra-targeted active ingredients, the Dark Spot Correcting Serum blocks the appearance of pigment spots and effectively reduces those already visible. In its laboratory, PATYKA has developed a unique formula, which uses highly effective and certified organic active ingredients.

      Zoom on the key star assets of the Dark Spot Correcting Serum :

      - The Exclusive Anti-Dark spots complex PATYKA combines Sea ferns brown algae naturally provided with trace elements and Oxyresveratrol, a powerful antioxidant extracted from the wild mulberry tree. They work in synergy to regulate the overproduction of melanin to the surface of the skin. The action of these two precious active ingredients blocks the activity of tyrosinase, thus avoiding the appearance of pigment spots.

       - Goji berries have powerful and renowned antioxidant powers. Rich in vitamin C, minerals and lipids, these small Asian berries protect cells from free radicals, the main cause of brown spots. They intensify the production of collagen and help the epidermis eliminate toxins.

      Actifs Sérum Correcteur Anti-Taches

      - The natural complex of 5 Fruit Acids from maple, sugar cane and citrus fruits corrects irregularities caused by hyperpigmentation and reveals the natural radiance of the complexion. They gently exfoliate the skin while helping the skin maintain its moisture level.

        - Finally, the Pure and vegetal hyaluronic acid, a famous moisturizing molecule, provides intense hydration and long-lastingly preserves the beauty of the skin. Integrated in two different forms (high molecular weight and intermediate), Hyaluronic Acid maintains water in the cells of the epidermis, reinforces its elasticity for a soft and plumped skin.

        How to apply the Dark Spot Correcting SerumPATYKA?

        Morning and eveninguse the Dark Spot Correcting Serum on your entire face, not to mention the neckline and hands, with particular emphasis on existing spots. Due to its record high concentration, only a few drops of the product are needed to obtain an optimal result.

        Then apply your daily moisturizer, this optimizes the penetration of the active ingredients in depth. Also consider including sunscreen in your caredaytime to enhance the benefits of the serum.

        For curative purposes, the effects of the caretreatment are only visible after a few weeks, while the skin cells are renewed. It is therefore necessary to be patient and diligent before observing results.


         On a daily basis, also adopt the right actions to avoid the appearance of pigment spots:

        - Apply a suitable SPF protection and avoid photo-sensitizers such as perfumes or certain drug treatments before exposure to the sun.

        - Choose products rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E. to protect your skin from free radicals.

        - Moisturize your skin correctly, it needs a lot of water to defend itself against daily aggressions.

        - Avoid things that lead to premature cellular ageing, such as pollution, stress, poor lifestyle...

        - Exfoliate your skin regularly in order to regenerate skin cells and eliminate dead skin. For this, we recommend the Double Action Smoothing Scrub of PATYKA to gently exfoliate and illuminate your skin.


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