Why do these imperfections appear on my face?

During the holidays, your skin has most likely been suffocated for several reasons:

- In the heat and humidity, the skin produces more sebum.

- The sun cosmetics you use often contribute to greasing your skin by clogging it.

- UV rays can affect the cells that renew the skin, leading to a decrease in elastin and collagen production. This makes the skin less elastic and thicker. Excess sebum produced in the sebaceous glands will stagnate there and in the channels through which it is supposed to flow, the pilosebaceous follicles.

Oily skin, clogged pores and sebum accumulation: all the conditions are met to allow the development of a bacterium in the sebaceous glands: propionibacterium acnes. It is already present in normal circumstances, but in smaller quantities, and can develop without oxygen, and is composed of substances that promote inflammation.

During the holidays, you have the impression that the imperfections disappear under the tanned complexion but when you return, disillusionment: the skin becomes thinner again, the pores dilate and the pimples appear... It's the rebound effect!

What are the best ways to say goodbye to imperfections?

To avoid the appearance of imperfections on your face after a sunny holiday and to prolong the duration of your tan, we advise you to adopt three reflexes: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise.

Cleanse the skin to reduce sebum production

PATYKA has developed the CLEAN cleansing ritual, inspired by the double cleansing method from the Far East.

Double cleansing is the most effective way to remove impurities accumulated throughout the day, without harming the skin. Thanks to their organic, gentle and soap-free formulas, CLEAN facial cleansers detoxify the skin and revive the complexion.

- Lightning Cleansing Oil: This is the first step in the double cleansing process. Enriched with organic plant oils (Sunflower, Jojoba and Apricot Kernel), the Cleansing Oil Flash dissolves the most stubborn make-up residues, even waterproof. Contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly suited to oily skin prone to shine. Its texture is in fact the most capable of eliminating the fatty substances already secreted by the skin. Non-comedogenic, Lightning Cleansing Oil is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

- Detox Cleansing Foam: Thanks to its soap-free formula rich in organic Moringa, it frees the skin from impurities and pollution particles while respecting the skin's balance. This detoxifying cleanser refines the skin's texture and gently cleanses the epidermis while enveloping it in its ultra-smooth texture.

- The Soothing Milky Toner: An essential complementary gesture, the Lotion completes the double cleansing. The first moisturising step in your beauty routine, it soothes the skin for immediate comfort.

Exfoliating the skin to unclog pilosebaceous follicles

The use of a scrub once or twice a week is highly recommended to stimulate cell renewal and reveal a radiant complexion.

The Double Action Smoothing Scrub contains microspheres of Jojoba Wax, Bamboo Powder and Jojoba Oil. These active ingredients help to eliminate dead cells, boost cell regeneration and refine the skin texture.

Moisturise the skin morning and night

Moisturising is an essential gesture not to be neglected; it is a fundamental step to be respected throughout the year, and even more so after repeated exposure to the sun!

All skin types need a moisturiser, which should be applied morning and evening. To guide you in your choice, here is a selection of PATYKA organic face creams adapted to all skin problems:

- Hydra-Soothing Cream Moisturizer : Enriched with Pro-Ceramide Plant Complex and bursting with Mont Blanc Glacier Water, this light and silky cream is the best ally for normal, slightly dehydrated skin. Protective and thirst-quenching, it durably restores the hydrolipidic film. For dry skin, discover the rich texture formulated with organic Mango Butter.

- Lift-Firming Cream: Formulated with an exclusive duo of greentech active ingredients, Lift-Firming Cream combines the revitalising power of Active Angelica Cells with the powerful collagen-boosting Retinol-Like Vegetable to reduce wrinkles, firm the skin and revive its radiance. Available in two textures (universal, rich), it is suitable for all skin types.

- Radiance Multi-Protection Cream (for normal to combination or dry skin): A real anti-pollution shield, the Radiance Multi-Protection Cream protects the skin from external aggressions while boosting its radiance. It nourishes and moisturizes urban skin and dull complexions.

- Matte Perfecting Fluid: The ally of oily skin, this mattifying cream gently moisturizes the skin without clogging it. Enriched with organic Burdock Root, the Matte Perfecting Fluid durably fights against shine and dilated pores. With a 360° action, this moisturizing fluid delivers its sebum-regulating and purifying benefits to the skin.

For dry and dehydrated skin, PATYKA recommends the use of the Intense Moisturizing Mask: it softens, intensely nourishes and firms the epidermis. Its active ingredients include Salicornia Extract, which densifies and restructures the skin, and Shea Butter, which soothes irritations. Both boost the production of collagen and elastin. Apply this mask 2 to 3 times a week.

And don't forget to take care of your hair!

Because your hair is also often damaged and dry when you return from holiday, Huile Absolue is there to revive it! Use it on the ends or as an oil bath before shampooing.

A cult and multi-functional treatment, this iconic product can also be applied to the body! It restores energy to your devitalized skin and helps it fight against premature cell aging caused by the sun.


Complete your "back from holiday" skincare routine with our selection of PATYKA Organic Body Care products.