Where do the bags under the eyes come from?

There are mornings when your eyes are more tired than usual: whether it's sudden swelling or you feel like you have suitcases under your eyes, the pockets are not aesthetic.

Located on the lower part of the eyelid, they serve to protect the eye and to distribute the tears that form the tear film over the entire surface of the eye. Like the eyelids and the eye contour, this is a very fragile area.

It is estimated that the skin is five times thinner there than on the rest of the body. It's an area that also contains fewer support fibres, despite the fact that it is used nearly 15,000 times a day every time you blink.

Pockets affect both men and women, and can appear for many reasons.

The first is simply the passage of time. With age, skin and fibers slacken. The blood and lymphatic vessels also begin to tire and start to function in slow motion: the circulation between them is less well ensured. However, age is not the only factor to be taken into account.

The appearance of bags under the eyes can also be caused by a lack of sleep or poor hygiene. Fatigue, stress or even the consequences of an unbalanced diet will tend to leave their mark on strategic areas of the face, and the area around the eyes is one of them.

D'o√Ļ viennent les poches sous les yeux ?

The different types of bags under the eyes

Whether it is fatigue, stress or simply the repercussions of the signs of aging, the appearance of bags under the eyes is a sign of poor blood and lymphatic circulation. Among the types of bags under the eyes, those that appear by swelling (called water retention under the eyes) and those due to an accumulation of fat are particularly noticeable.

In the case of pockets due to water retention, it is often poor hygiene that is pointed at. A diet that is too rich in salt, the consumption of tobacco, alcohol or simply the accumulation of too short nights are elements that are harmful to venous microcirculation. All these elements lead to fluid retention in the body, which then develops into swelling under the eyes.

Fatty bags, on the other hand, are simply the natural slackening of the skin and muscles around the eyes, accentuated by the passage of time. The eyeball is made up of muscles to lift and close the eyelid. Between the skin and muscles there is fat, which quantity can vary from person to person.

With sagging skin, the skin can slide under the lower eyelid and create swelling. Aside from cellular aging, this type of pouch may also occur in the case of heredity.

Les différents types de poches sous les yeux

How to reduce bags under the eyes?

The first step to prevent the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes is to take care some of the area around the eye. To do this, it is essential to adopt a targeted beauty routine, rich in decongestant active ingredients that facilitate blood circulation.

But before any application of cares eye outline, think about daily make-up removal and cleaning this sensitive area. The Melting Cleansing Oil is ideal for removing all types of make-up in a single gesture, even waterproof mascaras. It removes make-up from the skin without attacking it. It encapsulates the make-up and facilitates its gentle removal. It is the ideal gesture For strengthen And maintain skin elasticity.

Huile D√©maquillante √Čclair


Assets to be preferred

For a fresh and visibly relaxed look, PATYKA Advanced Research has carefully collected botanical active ingredients designed to take carecare of the fragile area around the eyes and reduce under-eye puffiness.

- Beetroot Polysaccharides: Polysaccharide is a natural polymer synthesized by living microorganisms (condensation of several natural sugars). It boosts blood micro-circulation and promotes cell renewal. Ideal for reducing dark circles and bags under the eyes.

- Caffeine
 Caffeine : naturally present in coffee beans, tea or cocoa, caffeine is an active ingredient known for facilitate blood circulation And reduce water retention. Decongestantshe drain And Firm Skin. It is also used in cosmetics for its energizing and anti-fatigue virtues (but without side effects!).

- Brown Algae
 extract of Sargasso, this asset is iron-rich, calcium, potassium, magnesium And iodine. This alga is remineralizing but is also particularly effective against dark circles And fine lines. She Firms the eye contour And alleviates pockets by restarting microcirculation.

PATYKA skin care to fight against the pockets

There are two caresfrom PATYKA Advanced Research that will help you fight against puffiness, it's up to you to choose the one that best suits your skin's needs!

If you have need for hydration and you find that your eye contour lacks radiances, give preference to the Energising Eye Gel. It's care ideal for awakening and illuminating even the dullest eyes. Its ultra-melting gel texture and ice-cube effect tip decongest and promote skin microcirculation. Ideal to reduce dark circles and puffiness while restoring the fibers that are slacking off.

If you feel the structure of your face is thinning, your cheeks are losing volume and your upper eyelid is drooping, you need an eye care contour that can redensify and firm the skin, but is also effective on dark circles and puffiness.

Youthful Lift Eye Cream is an care ultra-targeted for the demanding eye area. PATYKA Advanced Research has developed at the heart of its formula a complex of smoothing and anti-fatigue active ingredients, combined with exceptional anti-ageing effectiveness. Easy to apply thanks to its emulsion texture, it forms a comfortable tensing veil. triple action: anti-puffiness, anti-wrinkle and anti-dark circles.

Also think of adopting soft gestures to increase the effectiveness ocaresf the . For bothcares, place them on the tips of your fingers before applying them with light tapping movements to the entire eye area. You can then come and smooth the entire eye contour area, going from the inside out. 

Gel √Čnergisant Yeux

Crème Jeunesse du Regard


For even more efficiency, discover here all the gestures to adopt to take care of the contour of the eyes. Your pockets are visibly reduced and your eyes look bright!