Are PATYKA products really organic?

All PATYKA skincare products without exception are certified organic by cosmos an Ecocert and comply with the Cosmébio charter.

Here are the conditions to be respected to be certified organic by Ecocert:

  • A minimum of 95% natural ingredients
  • A maximum of 5% of authorised synthetic preservatives
  • A minimum of 20% of the total formula must be organic for a cosmetic product launched after January 2017 and 10% before January 2017
  • No ingredients that are toxic to health or the environment (such as GMOs, silicones, PEGs, parabens, phthalates or synthetic dyes, ingredients of animal origin)
  • Packaging must be biodegradable and/or recyclable (some plastics are banned)

PATYKA goes beyond the minimum requirements of this certification with a very high concentration of natural and organic ingredients.

Several products contain 100% natural ingredients and more than 90% organic ingredients, such as Huile Absolue, Repair Night Serum and Melting Cleansing Oil.

Les soins bio PATYKA


When we use preservatives of non-botanical origin to ensure perfect stability of the formulas and avoid any risk of bacterial contamination, their concentration never exceeds 1% of the total formula.

All boxes are 100% recyclable, made from cardboard from eco-managed forests, without glue or cellophane, printed with vegetable ink. They are also printed on both sides without instructions!

The bottles are free of polluting varnish and opaque dyes, and the plastic chosen is 100% recyclable PET, as is the glass, which is infinitely recyclable.

Did you know that?

PATYKA was the first cosmetic brand to be certified organic by Ecocert in 2002!

What is the difference between organic and conventional cosmetics?

There are many differences between organic and conventional cosmetics.

First of all, the composition of the product is different. This is indicated on the back of the products and is called the "INCI list".
Indeed, European regulations make it compulsory to list the ingredients on the packaging of cosmetic products. Generally, the list includes Latin names, capitalized abbreviations and other scientific names.

The first two lines of the INCI list are the ingredients that make up the majority of the formula. On average, this represents 80-90% of the total formula.
Différence cosmetiques bio et conventionnelles

While conventional formulas contain mostly water and mineral oils, certified organic cosmetics choose natural and botanical ingredients such as floral waters and vegetable oils, which have many benefits for the skin.

For the rest of the formula, rather than opting for synthetic active ingredients and agents, organic cosmetics will always favour 100% natural active ingredients, preservatives and perfumes.

Controversial ingredients such as silicones and endocrine disruptors are banned.

To learn more about organic cosmetics, we invite you to download the organic beauty guide.

Are PATYKA skincare products cruelty-free? vegan?

All PATYKA products are cruelty-free. None of them, nor any of their ingredients have been tested on animals.
There are 100% vegan with the exception of the Intensive Hydra-Soothing Moisturiser,and Hydra-Soothing Moisturiser, which contain beeswax that is harvested humanely and with respect for the environment of bees.

Do the formulas contain essential oils?

All PATYKA skincare fragrances are 100% natural and are composed of olfactory molecules extracted from plants and essential oils. The presence of molecules from essential oils is therefore very low (less than 0.005%). Their use is therefore risk-free.

However, three of our products have formulas with a higher concentration of essential oils. These are the Repair Night SerumHuile Absolue and the Essential Lifting Lotion, which we do not recommend for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

Why is there alcohol in certain formulas?

Alcohol is a natural and organic raw material at PATYKA, denatured with lavender. There is no chemical denaturation with dangerous solvents.

Its concentration does not cause any irritation even for sensitive skin. The alcohol reinforces the product's conservation system and avoids potential sticky sensations after the application of a care product.
Its presence allows us to limit the concentration of other preservatives in the product while remaining very effective against bacterial proliferation.

La composition des produits

When should you start using anti-ageing products?

All skin types are different and are not subject to the signs of ageing in the same way or at the same time.
When you feel that a moisturiser is no longer sufficient for your skin, you can choose a more complete skin care product, concentrated in antioxidants and active ingredients to revitalise and detoxify the skin.

If you have any doubts about your skin's needs, don't hesitate to carry out your personalized skin diagnosis online.